Do’s For Transitiong to Fall

Hello beautiful people! So here I am again, but with something a bit different as we all know Fall is around the corner, and that means darker colors, scarfs, boot season which I am really excited for. But sometimes it’s hard to know what you can keep from summer as Fall comes and what to put away. I did a bit of research because I wanted to know too and I came across Glamour Magazine and it talks about what to use when transitioning to Fall.

Hope you find it helpful,Β enjoy!

Beach Bag

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Since the bag is neutral it’s great for Fall. You can mix and match with other Fall colors. I never thought about this but it’s actually a great idea, I don’t have a straw beach bag but this is convincing me to go buy one. Do you own one?

Summer Dresses with Tights



We all have that one summer dress we wish we can wear all year long. Well for transitioning to Fall you can! You can add tights to your favorite bright, floral dress or skirts and it would be perfect for those chilly upcoming nights. Plus I feel that black or a pair of dark tights makes any dress appear more elegant and put together.




This sounded strange for me since I thought when you were transitioning from Summer to Fall, the things was to start wearing booties or like combat boots. Well you can but the “thing” is to wear sandals as long as you can according to Glamour Magazine. Pair them with transitioning Fall cloths and you’ll be the fashionista-of all.

Cool Color Combo




The color combination of khaki, white, and your favorite pair of jeans are really in for Fall. Plus it looks super cute, and like you put so much effort into the look. You can also add a neutral jacket for the colder days. What do you think of this combo ?

Fall Hues





It’s time for those reds, oranges, mustard, and rust colors to come out of your closet. Think of the colors of the leaves of trees in Fall. You can change up your look slowly as we go into Fall with a piece of clothing those colors.

Accessories = Best Friends in Fall



Scarfs are a great way to do that transition to Fall. There are different styles, colors, and materials that you can get that fits your style and the outfit. I am literally excited for scarfs and boots…unfortunately I live in Arizona so we practically don’t have Fall, so sad! 😦

Mix it Up on the Bottoms




Change it up a pit leaving the shorts and trousers and get into Fall leggings. We all know they are the world’s comfiest piece of clothing, and with tons of fun prints. All we have to do is put it together with Fall items and darker colors.

Layering with Something Bare



We all know that when Fall comes what’s in is to layer cloths, but when transitioning you can also layer but keeping something bare whether it is your legs or arms. It will make you look like a ‘Fall-Queen’ haha was that too corny ?

Black Jacket or Blazer on Summer Cloths



So besides wearing tights with your favorite summer dress or skirt add a jacket or blazer and you’ll look like a million bucks! I love this looks all edgy and Fall-ish and it doesn’t even look like a summer dress.

Rain Boots




Depends where you live being prepare is always good. So check your weather and plan your outfit accordingly. Plus check these outfits out, not bad at all with rain boots, it makes me want to get a pair!

Bare Legs



I know what I said to start wearing tights, but Glamour Magazine also said have bare legs as long as possible. We know in some places it gets colder sooner so that won’t be possible for you guys. But if you live where I do wear darker shoes or cute little booties.

I was super duper excited to share this with you guys, I love Fall and can’t wait to use this tips. I got all the pictures from Google if anyone was wondering they are not mine. Hope you guys like these tips, later I would have the Don’ts up so stay tune!



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