Don’ts For Transitioning to Fall

  Hello, good morning, afternoon, or night where ever you might be I want to wish you a great day/night. I am really excited because today is the first day of FALL, which means the holidays are around the corner!
If you read my previous post where I talked about Do’s For Transitioning to Fall, if you haven’t here’s the link. It’s basically great tips of fashion when Fall is coming and what to still wear from summer.
So for today I bring the DONT’S when transitioning into Fall. I got all the tips from Glamour Magazine once again, I just think they gave great advice. Hope you enjoy, and Happy Fall! 🙂

No ‘Disco’ Clothes



For Fall the styles and textures of clothes change, it’s when the sheen, shine, and sparkle come in to glam out wardrobe. But use moderation, and know how to accessorize, keep in mind less is more.

Don’t Over do the Layering



When going into Fall we all know the thing that is “in” is to layer, but it’s so easy to go over and over layer, that’s why Glamour Magazine said don’t have more than 3 layers. Layering is a great way to use your Summer clothes in Fall.

Don’t Over Do it with Accessories



Scarfs, hats, and dramatic belts are so cute for Fall. But know how and when to use them. Try asking for opinions around your house I usually do that with my sisters and mom to see if they think I over did it.

No Bare Midriff



At first I didn’t get this since crop tops are so in right now, even in winter. But they mean exposing the whole stomach area, that is more for summer. Try just rolling up the sleeves or cuffing your pants that is in when transitioning into Fall.

Make Sure it Fits


It’s okay to re-use last years Fall/Winter clothes, but first just make sure it fits before re-using them.

No Hiking Gear


I sure do agree with this one. DOn’t use your ‘hiking’ jackets when your out in the city or something like that. When it does get colder there are a million cute ones, that you won’t need something like this.

Sandals with White Socks



For me this is something I don’t see my self wearing. But I’ve seen outfits with something alike and it looks cute. But for Fall white sandals with socks are just not in.

Over Exposed Fabrics


As I said sheer fabrics are super cute for Fall, just be carful with over exposed fabrics. It might look great inside of your house but check outside because lighting is different.

No Schoolgirl



I think this is a cute look but there’s a certain age where it does not look good anymore. But Glamour Magazine says just don’t do it! No knee-high socks with stilettos.

That’s it for the Don’s part of this, I think it was all reasonable and hope it helps. I got all tips from Glamour Magazine as I said before and some of the pictures. Thank you so much for the support and taking the time of reading my Blog.



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