Fall Tag!

Hello! Yes I am back, it’s been a week or so from my last post that I did which was a Don’ts when transitioning into Fall, which I did a Do’s also. Please check them out if you haven’t it’s great advice from Glamour Magazine.

So for today, I just wanted to do a little more on Fall since it’s one of my favorite seasons..which Winter has to be my other favorite. I don’t know why I guess because of all the cute décor, cloths, holidays plus December is my birthday month!

So just to get more into the spirit, I decided to do a Fall Tag, as you have seen on the title…I also tagged a few people check it out if you were tagged.

  1. Favorite Fall Scent

wtb_bath__body_works_fall_candles_1443514412_bdc330cbI have to say anything pumpkin, cinnamon, or caramel scent I love for the fall. Even apple cinnamon, that’s what usually what my mom gets and has all year round, but seriously anything pumpkin I love for Fall.

2. Best way to spend a rainy day


What I like to do on rainy days is to stay home, and cuddle up. I don’t know why but I love to watch the Twilight Saga on rainy days. I also love to drink hot coco, and have delicious treats.

3. Favorite Fall Drink

pumpkin-spice-latte-with-pumpkins-600Since it’s only in the Fall season I love to get the Pumpkin Spice Frapp’ from Starbucks. I also love to drink Chocolate Caliente (hot coco) which my mom makes a very delicious one. And maybe drink it with pan dulce which is sweet Mexican bread very very good!

4. Football, yay or nay?

untitledI actually don’t watch Football. I don’t hate it but I don’t understand it. If I’m watching a sport it’s usually soccer since my dad use to play and it’s a sport I grew up with and recently I sort of watch baseball since my boyfriend is a baseball player and he’s getting my into it a bit.

5. Favorite article of clothing this Fall

the_cooper_riding_boot_1_1024x1024I love BOOOOOOTTSSS! and I can’t wait til’ Arizona gets cooler, because it’s really sad that we’re in Fall already and it’s still 100′ degrees out! But I love riding boots or actually any type, they keep you legs warm, makes the outfit cuter and like you put much more effort into it.

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

Haunted-Mansion-exterior-April-2007I am not the type of getting into scary houses or seeing scary movies, but when I was in elementary they use to do “haunted house’ which was actually pretty cool and not that scary and it was the best part. I also love Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion ❤

7. The scariest movie you’ve ever seen…

MV5BMTI3MDI2NDc3Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDQ2MzQyMQ@@__V1_SY317_CR3,0,214,317_AL_Like I said previously I don’t watch scary movies and if I do it’s really rare. So instead I picked my favorite Halloween movie which is the best Halloween movie Disney Channel came up with in my opinion and it has to be Hocus Pocus!

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?

images16HA6I0OI don’t have a favorite, I love it all! haha I am very sweet tooth and I love candy or junk food so with chocolates or gummy worms I am one happy gal.

9. What will you or your kids be this year?

imagesXNCRTROBThis year my mom will be doing a Halloween Party and we all are getting dressed up and I wanted to be something easy and it might seem lame and I know it is haha. But I will be dressing up as a witch. But a pretty one, not an big nose, mole, one lol But I am thinking about getting my skin painted green. I might post something about that soon 🙂

10. Favorite fall recipe

imagesORSE7SKTIn my family we don’t have specific “Fall recepies” but I guess anything they do on Thanksgiving or the pies. I love pumpkin pie that is my favorite to eat during the Fall season.

11. What is your Favorite thing about Fall?

531649457f4bef374f43ef17838a9a75One of my favorite things of Fall has to be the cloths, there is soooooo many cute stuff for Fall. And also hair trends or accessories.

12. Who else would you like to see complete the I Heart Fall YouTube Tag?






I got the question online of you want to check it out. Have an amazing day and weekend !



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