Day Designer Planner/ First Week Spreadsheet!

Hello beautiful readers, today I have an exciting new segment in my blog. Well first of all its super exciting for me, and if you like to plan things and own a planner you will too!

I love watching youtube videos and I specially love to watch Belinda Selene video’s she is so creative. I owned a planner that I got from Walmart, probably one year already and I loved it because as a college student it really helps to stay organized. But the problem was that it was too small to write everything.

Recently I went to Target and I bought the Day Designer planner, in my favorite color which was only $10 and notebook size. I went with a bigger size since I wanted to purchase the Erin Condren planner so some time now but I’m debating on getting it.


So far with the Day Designer planner, I have to say, I love it! It’s great, and I feel like I’m getting addicted already!

Quick overview

The planner is from July 2015-July 2016. It has a calendar at the beginning of each month, after that it goes by weeks.
At the beginning of the planner it has a quick story of how they came up with this, then practically pages where you can set goals, routines, and at the end it has the list of holidays for the year.




Sticky notes & Stickers

I think for sticky notes and stickers you should not spend a lot of money, but that is me. I usually get the sticky notes from Target which are for a dollar at the dollar section and sometimes you can get 2 for $1. Depending when you go you can also get stickers, also for $1.

Some of the first stickers I got where already in my house and I decided to just use them since they would just be there. Others I got from Target or the dollar store which they have a variety and a good amount for $1.

Frist Week: 09/28-10/4

For my first spread which was the last week of September (three more months till my birthday, whoop whoop!) I used stickers that were my sister’s but she didn’t end up using them. So for my first spread it was cupcake themed with purples, pinks, blues, and greens. I tried to match it with sticky notes just to make it extra pretty.



So each week I’ll try to upload how my spread looks, if you’re into the ‘planner community’ I would love to see your spreads and where you get stickers or sticky notes.

Thanks for reading and supporting I really appreciate it! Stay tune for future items to try, and probably Halloween ideas!




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