Item to Try-Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Liner

Hello beautiful WordPress readers. Here I am once again writing from my school and wishing you a great week !
Can you believe October is almost over, ohmygosh! When did September pass ? Is it me or are these last few months of the year are going super fast.

So I’ve noticed that you guys like when I post Item to try, so here’s a new one !

516UCjIWwhL__SY355_This eye liner I’ve been using for some time now, I would say I got it in March/April and I still use it! It’s called the Exaggerate Waterproof Liner from Rimmel London.
It’s like a regular liner where you turn so the product comes out, and on the other end comes with a sponge.

The reason why I got this liner was because I went to Walgreens with my friend and I love going specially because if you have the card with them you can get pretty good deals and get accumulate points.
I’ve been wanting to get a white liner for my water line since I saw videos on youtube and beauty gurus using similar product. But I also saw them using a nude liner. Liners white or nude make your eye look brighter and bigger (nude makes it look more natural).



  • Waterproof
  • Lasts good amount of time
  • Worth the price
  • Comes with sponge
  • Good quality
  • Pigmented


  • Sometimes you have to do it several times for it to be noticeable

Overall the product is really good one of my favorites. I do want to mention I did say in the pros that it’s pigmented and on the cons that you have to go over your waterline for it to notice but that has been lately my problem. I do have about 8 months with it now. I also love to use it when I wear a dark or bright lip color just to go over my mouth and make it more clean since the pencil is so thin. And I also use the sponge to blend it out, actually that’s what I use the sponge for.

Hope you enjoys, have a great day!



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