Fall Hair Ideas <3


 Hello happy Wednesday, may I start by saying that yes I changed my blog a bit, I still don’t have it to the point where I want it so expect more changes.
I wanted to change it up for fall/winter but for some reason my background dose not change so I’ll be working on that and once I get it all together the way I like it, I’ll announce it!
Plus I do have an Instagram account if you want to follow me it’s beautytime101dc, I also added a section to my blog where you can see recent pictures I upload to Instagram.

Any way back to what this is all about, I just wanted to sat that before I started with what I wanted to say in this post.
So Fall is here and in no time Winter will too, so I looked up some really cute hairstyles to share with you guys. Hope you like ❤







I don’t know about you but for Fall I love doing braids, pony tails, and buns especially if I wear a scarf I just think it’s super cute! And there is tons of different braids and ways you can change it up everyday.

If you want to share something and get featured on my Instagram/wordpress  use the #beautytime101



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