Makeup Brushes 101

Hello! I hope your having a great day, and I know I’ve been missing and didn’t post anything for a few days which had me sad because it’s something I really enjoy doing. But I found some free time and decided to do a quick and easy post for you guys, enjoy ❤


Yeeees, today I’ll be talking about brushes! Let me tell you I didn’t know there was so many brushes and for different part of your face that worked differently. But there is! It was not until like 4-5 years ago I started getting really into youtube and makeup. I got my first brushes from elf ($1) they are a good equality for the price. Then I got Ecotools brushes from Walmart  and they were a much better quality.

After that I got more into makeup and started to order from BH Cosmetics and got some brushes from them and let me tell you they have some great brushes at really great prices and sometimes even comes with a package.

I found some great pictures from Pinterest that would be helpful for you guys if your staring with brushes or want to learn something new. Plus at the end how to wash your brushes, and yeeeeees you need to wash your brushes. I wash mine like once a month since I use them everyday and I use what ever I use on my hair(shampoo) I clean my brushes.






I really hope you find this helpful, or at least learned something new 🙂

How do you wash your brushes?

until next time ❤

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2 thoughts on “Makeup Brushes 101

  1. loved this post , very informative , I have a slight obsession with makeup brushes I’ll buy like 4 that look completely identical but have to justify myself and say they do completely different things haha , loved you post woudl love it if you checked out my latest xx

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