Item to Try: L.A. Girl Matte Lip Glosses

Hello, beautiful readers hope your having a wonderful day!

Thanks for the support and I saw several of you liked my last post so thank you so much, it means a lot to me. So to continue with the short, simple but still great to know I bring to you a new product I started using.

LA Girl matte flat finish pigment gloss dreamy fleur stunner rebel timeless frisky 2

They started selling this a local store and my sister was the first one to try them out and got me into them. The brand is called L.A. GirlΒ and has really affordable prices. They have concealers, blushes, lip products, etc about everything but what got my attention as a lip product junkie was the matte lip glosses.

la-girl-matte-collection_1db12b5b-4ba9-44ac-ba86-07c1c9f0a05a_1024x1024Here’s a swatch I found online since I don’t have every color. I only have two so far and it’s like a burgundy red called Secret and the really dark purple called Black Currant.

I loved them at first it did feel a little weird since I was use to moisturized lipstick/gloss. The application was a little different for this one because since it’s matte and super pigmented I have to be extra careful not to apply it where I don’t want any product but if you do it’s super easy to clean it with some concealer and small brush. Then I apply a thin layer first and let it dry then apply a second layer to have the color I want.


There is a variety of colors from neutral to bright or to dark. Whatever is your liking and preference they have it. And I so recommend them if you want to try out matte lip gloss at a low price.

Hope you enjoyed and try it out if you can! Have a great day!


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*This was not paid, all ideas were from me.


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