Item to Try: Hard Candy’s Concealer & Correcting Palette

Hello, good morning !
Hope you had a great weekend, and hope this week is even better. As we know thanksgiving is around the corner so hopefully on Wednesday I can bring you something fun and festive.

I also did a post on my second blog called El Mundo de De-DiΒ if you want to check it out. I did a quick and easy outfits for school, Fall Edition. Please don’t forget to follow over there and show some love!afd3ebf9d551bc84eaa6a63746ed416b.jpg

So for today’s post I have another Item to Try since my readers seem to really like these. It’s been around almost a month that I’ve been using the Hard Candy’s: Sheer Envy Conceal and Correct palette.

I found it at Walmart for $6, I wanted to try the NYX one but gave this one a try first since I didn’t have a Target near by and it was half the price of the MYX one.


So this is what it looks like, with the packaging and everything. What caught my attention was that it had the green and orange concealers. The orange concealer is for dark circles or dark spots, green for redness, and purple for yellowness.

Hard Candy Concealer Palette (10).JPG

The colors are very light weight and it comes with 3 different shades of concealers for you to mix and match for your perfect shade.


Rate: 7.5/10

I really like the orange concealer, but I mostly got it because of the green one but got disappointed. It’s a little too sheer in my opinion. I haven’t used the purple at all, so when I buy a product I want to use all of it, so I wish it can come separate so you can choose what you want at times.

In my opinion its a good product but something you can go with out or maybe find something similar but better.

Thanks for reading see ya Wednesday !




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