Gift Guide for Guys |Day 3

Hi Loves,

if you already started your Christmas shopping or have no idea what to give your significant other, guy friend, soon to be boyfriend, or husband I have some ideas for you !


I have always had a hard time knowing what to give my boyfriend on special occasions, this year will be our first Christmas together and I want to give him something that he’ll like and know that I thought about him while looking for something to give him and that I love him.

So here are some things I came up with, hope you find it helpful!

Basket full of goodies

I thought it was a great ideas to add his favorite candy or snack since guys loves to eat! Add his favorite movie, a t-shirt, or stuff from his favorite team. This will also be a great birthday gift for him. There are tons of different baskets and ribbon you can use his favorite color or have a theme like his favorite team colors, just get creative !

 Hat/shirt of his favorite team

I am so thinking of giving something like this to my boyfriend. He loves baseball and I want to give him a baseball hat. Put it in a cute DIY box and it would be perfect. He’ll know you care because you pay attention to the little things or what he likes.


Depending on the style of your guy, you can get him a cute cozy sweater for the cold days. Pick out his favorite color, or the style he likes the most. There are various prices and brands for sweaters. I think its a save gift that he’ll use and like. You can also add something like his favorite candy or a perfume.


I don’t know much about guys perfume, but you can always check out Spehora and ask for help. But I think a perfume is another good present because you can never go wrong with perfume. I love cuddling and hugging my boyfriend and he’s smelling super good!


Some guys like to wear watches and I think this would be great for them. There are many many colors, styles, and that he can have different styles. I think this is also a great gift for a husband or you have been in a longer relationship and want to give something more valuable.


If your guy likes to read or likes comics this would be a great idea to get him. Showing that you care for what he likes will make him feel special. You can get him a book from his favorite author or a comic from his favorite super hero.


Another thing I thought about was getting his favorite movie, or now they sometimes have them in packs if there are more than one and you can get them something like that. Or if they have a favorite series you can also see if they have it out on DVD.

Concert tickets

And the last thing I came up with is to get him tickets to a concert, event, or sport game. I think he’ll love it! Add it in a box and decorate it so he’ll have no idea what you got him.

Hope you found this helpful in some way, or gave you an idea. Sometimes it can be stressful to figure out what someone wants. But keep in mind it does not have to be something expensive or luxurious, what matters is that you took the time and thought about that person before buying it.

Tomorrow I’ll have the Girls Gift Guide for all the guys out there who don’t know what to get your girls!


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