Gift Guide for Girls| Day 4

Hey everyone ! Hope you are having a great morning!
Today I had to wake up really early and go to school which is 30min away from where I live. It’s super cold and I always have a hard time getting up. But heey for extra credit, I’m in !


If you saw yesterday’s post here’s the second part to it. If your having hard figuring out what to give your girlfriend, sister, aunt, mom, here are some ideas!

Eye shadow Palettes

You can spoil your girl, or whoever you want to give it to. Every girl loves makeup and won’t go wrong with one of these. There are sometimes little kits and stuff at sephora around this time!


download (9).jpg

Who doesn’t like perfume? I think whether your looking for a guy or girl gift you’ll never go wrong with this!


You can give her one of these, and she’ll love you forever. No, seriously. (Ps. I’ve been wanting the black Micheal Kors bag!)


Get her her latest favorite movie, or one that’ll she like. Or her favorite artist album ! Gifts like these make me feel like you pay attention to what that person likes.


Whether your married or not I think this is so cute ! A promise ring, will really show her what you feel. Or a cute necklace with your initials, this would be even great for her birthday, anniversary gift, or valentine’s day.



Surprise her with a trip. You can make a DIY letter letting her know. Or a DIY ticket and set up everything really nice. This would be cute for married couples or longer relationships, I don’t know about you but my parents won’t approve of this 😦 hahah But still this would be great !

Anything DIY or that takes you time to make, or that you put your thought we’ll like, we love the small details!

Hope you liked!



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