Item to Try: Maybelline’s VIVID MATTE LIQUID

Hello ! Long time no see, I know. And I kind of feel bad about not keeping up with my posts, I had in mind uploading pictures of Christmas, New Years, my birthday, recent parties we had, and just more beauty things but well things didn’t come out how I was expecting them to.

Anyways back with the reason of this post, I will be doing a updated post to share more info with you guys.

So I recently saw that Maybelline had liquid lipstick, I was super excited since almost every makeup brand has liquid lipsticks now. And they have a variety of colors which are gorgeous.


I got only one just to try out and see if I like it and it’s worth the money. The one I got is ’45’ it’s the bright purple one. It was around $5-7 at Walmart, and I guess people liked them because there were a few left.


I loved the color, perfect for spring/summer upcoming season. It has great pigmentation, I still haven’t worn it out so I can’t say how long it lasts or if you have to apply it several times.
The only thing I didn’t like was that it does not dry completely matte, it does has some gloss to it. If I would of known I might not have bought it since I was looking for a matte lipstick not a gloss.

Rate: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading and if you didn’t know I have a youtube channel now: beautytimewithdenisse.


xoxo, Didi





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