Little Random Post

Hi fellow readers,

I feel unaccomplished sometimes when I think of this blog. The reason why I began to write was to share my love and ideas of fashion and makeup or tips I found helpful and share personal events and give my advice. At the moment I can’t post as often as I use to, with job and life-situations I don’t have that much free time anymore.

But I have posted more to my blog’s instagram follow me there: beautytime101dc.

The holidays are almost here and I am so excited, remember my long distance relationship? Still is like that for now (second year) but another good thing my boyfriend is almost here, and that makes me so happy! Long distance relationships are so hard and I felt depressed often times. I respect those who go threw it and don’t get to see their love ones, at least I know I get to see him once a month and after 7 months he’s back.

As you may know I love makeup and I’ve been trying different makeup brands, I recently got Colourpop and MAC items which I’ll be doing a review both on Instagram and here. On my insta I’m pretty sure it will be something brief and I’ll have a more depth one here.

So today I sat down not knowing what I was going to write about but I guess it’s a random life update. I do apologize if its something you’re not interested in but I promise fashion, holiday and makeup poss soon !

See you soon ! ❀ Didi



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