Quick UPDATE !

Hello Beautiful Readers from WordPress.


I feel like this will be another “I’m sorry for not posting anything” posts, and I do apologize, I wanted to post more and show you my recent boughts for the holidays, makeup and DIYs I recently done.

Seriously a lot has happened this year and I get over whelmed and this will be a New Year Resolution to write more on the blog and make it better.

So I recently been obsessing with decorating my new house for the holidays. Our theme this year is Winter Wonderland. We have a tree now, that glitters real pretty. Everything is slowing coming along, except that we don’t have furniture in the living room except for the tree.

So remember when I did a post on long distance relationships ? This was probably one of the firsts posts I did. Well next month it will be our second anniversary. My thoughts? It HARD, TOUGH, EMOTIONAL, HEARTBREAKING, the most overwhelming but at the same time wonderful feeling when I see him. We still have plans with a future, marriage, family…but I’ve decided that I’ll let God decide on that and not worry about that any more.

So one of my goals for next year is going on a trip, I still don’t know where. I kind of want to go to New York, Boston, London, Paris…any suggestions?

Sorry if this is the most boring you’ve ever read before. I have a dentist appointment in a bit so I wanted to write something. I also have off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off now so more time for blogging.

Thanks for the support ❤ Didi


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