Home Decor.

So, as promised I will do my best and poat more. Not as an obligation but I love to share my ideas and tips. 

Earlier today I did a quick random update on what has happened. But I wanted to post something funner.

So we had this little corner empty its in the middle of the kitchen and dining room. We have been so excited with Christmas and decorating the new home. 

Actually this was my moms idea and creation. We went shopping for more decorations, our theme is Winter Wonderland, so all white and silver. 

The small tree had white snow and pine cones so it fitted perfectly with our theme. Then my mom got a small table where we can place the tree. It went well with our entire house because it has dark brown details all over. (We got the tree and table from Beals)

The walls started to look plain and boring, so I decided to look for canvaces or just something to hang up. 

I went to serval stores and nothing seemed to match good. So I decided to DIY it, the most simple and cheap way possible lol. 

So I had these picture frames that already had quotes and pictures I got from the dollar store. I printed two quotes I liked and taped it to the frame. And ta-da ! A new frame and I feel it gave that little space a new meaning. 

I have much more to show you so stay tune for more.

Thanks ❀ Didi


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