Mr. G | Colourpop 

Happy friday ❤

Hope you’re all having a great start of your weekend. I still don’t know what this weekend plans will be, but all I know is that tomorrow is finally my FRIDAY at work. And also my month-versary with my boyfriend of a year and 11 months. So almost two years.

Anyways back on today’s post, today I want to do a review on Mr. G: Colourpop 

Colourpop is a super inexpensive cosmetics line, but very great quality. Theres different finishes to the glosses, for example this one which is Ultra Matte Lip, so its a bit more matte and dries a little faster. 

This color is a dark green almost like christmas tree green. Something very bold and unusual. Most people wouldn’t wear it, but I love matte liquid lipsticks, and I seriously have almost every color possible.

Best of all they are $6 each, colourpop also has eyeshadows, highlights, and two other types of lippies. I totally recommend them if you haven’t tried them out. 

Love ❤ Didi


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