Essential Items when going to Disneyland!

Hello ! So today I got wifi installed in my home which I am really excited and happy since I can post more often.

So something I’ve been having in my bucket list is going to Disneyland. But not just going but with who. I’ve gone already like 8 times, and if you are an old reader I did a few posts when I went to Disney. This year will be special because I’ll be going with my boyfrien, our first trip to a magical place.

I’ve decided to come up with some helpful essential things to take weather you’ve gone already or its your first time.


1blogI have this exact camera, and I’ll be taking it this year to take some special shots. I like that they instantly come out and just another way to  take pictures. But cellphones, and other cameras works as well. I’ll be taking my cellphone as well. And another thing that I like is that other people take pictures as we ( people in you group) and they might have one that you don’t

These cameras in particular are around $60 when I bought them, and I got it at my local Walmart. They have also different colors if interested.


1bloggAnother thing I like to take is a medium/small backpack or a side bag big enough to fit a wallet, cellphone, and any other essentials. Lately I’ve been taking a backpack because we take bottles of water or snacks while we are in line or whatever. Also I sometimes do my makeup while on road so I take essentials  I might need to touch up.  And also a jacket/sweater since it does get chilly at night in Anaheim. And just a place where to put souvenir anything you buy at the park.



1bloggggI don’t really take any makeup when I go to the park except my lipstick, eye liner and powder for touch ups. And I usually just have them in a pocket of my bag or backpack. But this year I want to be more organized and take a makeup bag to keep all makeup. Another great thing to take will be hand sanitizer, lotion, maybe hair band or bobby pins, and pills juts in case of a headache, cramps or anything.

You can also keep money in there or keys jyst anything important.




1bloggg I know that there are some power outlets in the park but why would you want to wait 20min or more for your phone to charge when you can be in rides! Better be prepare, specially because you’ll be taking lots of pictures and if you with a big group what if someone gets lost and can’t find you and you check your phone…oh no! no battery, not with a battery back up. (I feel like I was in a commercial) But these are great. Two years ago I went to San Diego ZOO, and it was a life saver literally ! Totally recommend them because you can be walking around or in rides and your phone will be charging in you bag/backpack.


Hope you found it helpful, I’ll sure be posting more of Disney before I go, while I’m there and after. Follow me on instagram : beautytime101dc


Thanks ❤ didi


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