Urban Decay’s: All Nighter Liquid Foundation 

Hi there, happy sunday ! Hope you are all having a wonderful day or night where ever it may be.

Today I’ll be doing a review on this product which I got a week ago. I’m doing a comparison with the Kat Von D one since that was my last high-end foundation I’m using. And just to let you know I like my foundations to be full coverage. 

I’m still testing it but so far I like it! Lately I’ve been having really oily skin which makes me look all shiny and not looking so good foundation. But this one so far has not made me look cakey, oily, or patchy. 

I like the packing, and with a little you still get a natural looking skin without a ton of makeup, which I love specially for just days at work or running earrens etc. But you can layer it for a night out. 

On the back it says ” waterproof formulaprovides complete coverage that lasts all day/night” . The problem I had with the Kat Von D it left me looking very oily and shiny and it does not look cute at all. And when I hugged my boyfriend my face was left on his sweater/shirt. I had to keep bloating my face. 

The applicator is normal press down and product comes out. They have a variety of colors and the color I got is 6.0, very glad I decided to get this foundation. 

Rate: 9/10 

(Still testing it )



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