The Wedding Planner| Movie Review

Happy Wednesday !

Half way through the week already. I didn’t go to work today, I actually felt bad and decided to not go. And I really don’t do it, I haven’t been absent for work if I haven’t asked for the day off but today I said I was worth taking the day off and couldn’t stand going to the stressful environment.

I sit in my bed not knowing what to write about, I don’t want to write another personal life post but I did see some likes on yesterday’s topic.

So another thing I like besides makeup, fashion, crafts, and being creative is seeing movies. I did a while back reviews on movies so I decided to take another try at it. I will do reviews on movies or shows I am recently watching.

I am a big chick flick type of girl and I am always up for a new love story. So last night I browsed on Netflix and found a movies called The Wedding Planner.


Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey are the protagonist of the movie. I love JLo movies and weddings so that’s the reason why I decided to watch it! It’s a really old movie as you can tell, it’s from the 2001, I was 8 years old when it came out !

So Jennifer plays the wedding planner that loves planning weddings and is really into it. She works for an important wedding event company and wants to become partners with her boss. So she meets her prince charming(McConaughey), and a twist happens in the story.


I love the idea of the story line, and yes its an old old movie but it still has some comedy, romance, and unexpected events. I don’t want to give away important details or ruin it for people who hasn’t watched it but I have to say I liked it and recommend it if you like chick flicks or these types of movies.


It can be on the Valentine’s day movie playlist, since Valentine’s is coming up. I would say its a chick flick but not too girly where your boyfriend wouldn’t want to watch it with you.

Rate: 8.5/10

Like I said I recommend it if you like comedy-romance or chick flicks, or just a JLO’s fan like I am lol. And it’s on Netflix, if you have any suggestions of what movies to watch or review comment below. If you like or want to see more of these type of reviews/posts please like/comment.

Thanks for your support and I’ve seen new followers, if I haven’t followed back I’m on to that and checking out everyone’s blog.

❀ didi


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