Get to know me ! <3

Hello good night it is currently 7:31 pm where I am and I just got off work and eating chicken quesadillas ❀

So I got back to work still felt kind of bad but I couldn’t just leave and I had to hold on to everything I was feeling and not pay attention to the pressure and do my best.

I got bad news today which was that I might not be able to go to Disneyland anymore, which sucks especially because I had planned to go since this month was our second anniversary. But still have my hopes up that we do go which is next Saturday.

So again today I don’t know what to post about but I am just going to wing it and I do apologize I promise to get more organized with my topics and which day I’ll do what.

But since I have been having a lot of new followers I decided to do another get to know me post. I have several if interested here.


  1. I am currently working at a Call Center.
  2. I want to have a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding.
  3. I like to drink Clamato by it self (tomatoe juice).
  4. I like decorating the house in every holiday ( I have my house Valentines day themed already!!)
  5. My favorite Princess at the moment is Belle.
  6. I am currently watching The Carrie Diaries on Netflix and I am obsessed.
  7. I kind of want to low-key be engaged this year.
  8. When I have my own house I want to have my own beauty room and make videos on Youtube.
  9. I hate making lunch for work I feel I make it more complicated then how it is.
  10. I currently have like a high ombre in my hair and its grey (granny hair).
  11. I am not a cooking type of gal but when I do it can be interesting for me.
  12. Everyday I have to drink water and eat fruit if I don’t I feel weird.
  13. I love chocolate covered raisin.
  14. I also love eating buffalo boneless.
  15. I want to go on a trip real soon, maybe to Rosarito(Mexico), New York, or Can Cun which are on my top list for this year.

Any suggestion on what you want to see next? Any thing you might want to know about me, feel free to comment and also editing tips. If you have gone to my page its under construction I am not quite happy with the background. And I just changed the banner.

Goodnight, Didi ❀




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