ELF’s HD Powder | Item to Try

Hello fellow readers from WordPress.

So today is like my Sunday, but I got an extra day off which is great. Three days off instead of two !

But now as I am an “adult” I have adult things to do like errands and going to the doctor, which is what I did this morning. And I got there before 8am so I can be one of the first ones and the doctor got there almost 10am.

But anyways to the topic of today is a Item to try, I see that this is a popular topic in my blog. And I have a few from months ago if you guys want to check it out. (my recent ones:Β Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, Colourpop: Mr. G, Hard Candy’s correcting concealer, LA Girl Liquid Lipsticks)

I like using powder when setting my foundation, not only to make it last longer and have that matte feeling, but also because I have oily skin. And I like a good powder that I don’t need to retouch every hour or so.


I found the ELF HD Powder at my local Walmart for about $6, and what caught my attention was that it has been compared to the Makeup Forever HD setting powder. I usually like to try a certain product from the drug store, then make my way up to higher end.

I personally haven’t had the chance to try any Makeup Forever makeup yet, but the powder is on my list.

I like this powder for setting my under eyes, setting my foundation, and baking. Baking has becoming a trend and I like to bake especially in areas where I get more oily or places I highlight…and also if I have an event that I need more glam.


The powder comes in three different shades, pink, yellow, and sheer one. I have only used the sheer one but I would like the try out the rest.

I have bought this product twice already so I believe I can give you a better review.

I like the feeling of the powder on my face, it feels silky and soft. Good packing, great price for such a good product that I would re-purchase. I really don’t use the cushion that comes with it I usually use a flat top brush to set my makeup. The only thing I don’t like from this product is that I wish it had a bit more product. I usually run fast on it, maybe a month or month and a half depending on my makeup.

Rate: 10/10

I recommend it honestly, Elf has great products and really affordable. I have seen dupes from higher end products that Elf has. So next time your on the look for a new setting powder check this one out!

I’m on the search for a new powder my second Elf HD run out again, any suggestions?

Have a wonderful Monday ❀ Didi


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