HUDA BEAUTY: Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition

Hi guys, happy Sunday. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Today I bring you a review and my thoughts on this beautiful palette. I have been deciding on getting it for a while because it is a splurge. But come on it has beautiful colors and you can’t have enough mate and shimmer shadows.



The packaging is cute, with Huda’s eye on the front and the logo. I like the idea of the package. Once you slide the palette out you see the shadows right away. I like the idea of neutral colors but a bit of color as well, perfect to create different eye looks.

The brand HUDA Beauty has different products not just this palette. 18 gorgeous shadows, 7 shimmer shadows and 11 matte. They are pigmented and creamy which I love!


Even the shadows names are cute (from left to right): Dubai, fling, 24k, rose gold, trust fund, angelic, #blessed, bossy, flamingo, sky, bae, , moon dust, black truffle, suede, coco, maneater, henna, and sandlewood.


This is my best attempt to swatch the shadows. Again from left to right. I like the colors especially the sparkly ones just o add something else to a eye look. I haven’t really played with the palette yet but I have used shy which is like a pink-soft coral color, henna as well which is like a cool brown, sanalwood which is a light brown and moon dust which is like a champagne color which I love for the inner corner of the eye.


I recommend it if you want to spend money on a decent palette or want a different palette from the ones you already have. I recommend to have it in your makeup collection.

I will be posting my schedule for posting if interested what day to come back and read something you’ll interested in. Plus it will be easier for me to know what to post.

Thanks ❀ Didi



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