V-day Craft Ideas <3 |Pinterest Finds

hi, hope you guys are having a great day!
y, today I got back to work which was a long boring day like any other.

But glad to be back home, and ready to rest, take my tea, and watch youtube.

So Valentines day is around the corner which is exciting. It will be my boyfriend’s and I third Valentine together. And he did mention that he already has a surprise in mind !

So I found some Pinterest finds which I picked some decor, treats, and really cute stuff to share.








I did see lots of cute ideas but I didn’t want to put alot of things into one post. I also decorated my house with V-Day decor which I’ll be posting that next week with all details. Also I want to do like an guide for Guys/Girls Gift Ideas if you still don’t know what to get your significant other or friends. I love Valentines day and I’m super excited for this year for some reason.

What are your plans for Valentine’s day ?



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