Ballerina Inspiration | OOTD

Hello loves, today I have been having mixed emotions. Not such a great day at work…I am a person who tends to stress way to much and really fast. So I’m just tired of my job and stress which I need to find a new one asap. I don’t know I feel really emotional and wanting to cry.

But anyways lets cheer up and show you my OOTD of today. I feel like a ballerina not because I was wearing a tutu but because of the shoes I was wearing and my hair.


Sweater: Forever21 Pants: rue21 Shoes: Monaco(local store)

It’s getting pretty cold where I live so I do wear like a thick jacket on top of this or any outfit just for the mornings or nights when I get off work.

The sweater is like a old pink almost rose gold kind of color, which I love (I love all pink things). It’s like a medium thickness that you can wear a tank top under or just a jacket on top.

The jeans were actually my mom’s but they weren’t her size so she gave it to me and I love them. They go over the belly button which I like, they have rips on them making it look edgy and fun and I am short I guess because all pants whether they are skinny or wide they fit me long so I either cuff it up or just fold it…and today I cuffed them up since I was wearing these cute shoes.

The shoes are like a light pink almost beige kind of color. They are a round point to them and tie up. You can decide how to tie them up and depends on what you are wearing too. I love these shoes and are good for what ever season.


For my hair I kind of made it up in my head at night and woke up and created this. It was a side dutch braid, with pieces of hair in the front that frames the face and I actually kind of curled them a bit to add a romantic look to it. Then I grabbed all my hair back and tied it in a low bun. It was the first time I woke something like this and I actually got compliments.



Let me know if you recreate this look, or if you want to see how I achieved it.

The OOTD is cute for like a V-Day look for school something relaxed but girly at the same time.

Hope you enjoyed ❀ Didi


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