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Hi guys, hope you had a awesome weekend. For me this weekend (mostly Saturday), was simply special. I got Saturday off from work, so my boyfriend and me got to spend all day together, We went bowling and to a Zoo but it was like a park too, with a big lake where we got on like little boats and you have to peddle to make it move(sorry I don’t know what they are called).
We were suppose to go to Disney but we had to change plans, and he’ll be leaving for work again out of state, so maybe Disney won’t happen this year.

I had plans to post different things. So maybe I wont even follow the schedule I said I was going to use. But I do want to do two different posts today.

Have you ever been short of money and don’t know where it all went? Β Or you stress a lot on knowing what you have to do on your days of?

I want to talk about the importance to journal or having a agenda.


This is something I have learned through my first year on my very first job. Staying organized is very important. With a new job, new responsibilities came along. For example a new car, and getting a new house with my mom.

I love going shopping, and going home decor shopping since we got a new house. At first when I got my job it was okay to spend my money on what ever. But I also gave my mom money for what ever she needed it on….she wanted to teach me the value of hard working and paying for things we needed.

Now that we have a new house and my car, I found myself very stressful and without money for my second week since I get payed every second week. I had bought too many things I didn’t needed and less of what I actually needed.

I want to share a few tips and show you what I found helpful…


Since I was in college I loved to have a agenda with me, to write down important dates, when assignments were due, etc. Now that I don’t go to school anymore, I find it still helpful to have an agenda or a calendar around.
In the agenda/calendar I like to write down when the assurance for my car is due, payments for my cellphone, house(since I help my mom pay for the house), and any other payments I might have that month or when I spend money for doctors, or anything I splurge on. And I also have a note card with the amount I pay each time for my car and how much I still owe. Just to see for my next paycheck how much I want to give, and to lower what I still owe.

There is so many agendas that varies price and design..I’ve seen some from Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, so you can pretty much get them anywhere.


I love journaling more for a personal use, I normally use it for writing down ideas, goals, important things I don’t want to forget.
You can also use it to get organized, I use it to keep track of what I have already written in my blog so I don’t repeat things or change it up.


Something that my best friend taught me to not want to do everything with one check because it is stressful. I found myself wanting to do everything with one check and at the end I was left with no money. So it’s best to organize yourself what you’ll be doing with each check.

For example with this check I paid house, car, went to the Dr, and saved money. And next check I’ll be going to the dentist, eye Dr, and I’ll be buying Valentine’s day gifts(boyfriends and little things for my mom and sisters), and my sister’s birthday gift.
*Another great thing to do is save money as little or a lot, you’ll never know when you’ll need it. And its not always only saving money you also have to enjoy it.


Hope you enjoyed and found it helpful! ❀ Didi


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