The Carrie Diaries | Review

Hi, goodnight and Happy Monday!

Today I’ll bring this review of the TV show The Carrie Diaries, which aired in 2013 and I guess I was super late but I saw it was on Netflix and I love girly-fashion things so I gave it a try.


If you’ve seen Sex in the City you’ll be familiar with the main character, Carrie Bradshaw. But this time she is a teenager, going to high school, dealing with her mother’s death, love, sex, friendship and the transition from teenager to adult life.



I think they couldn’t have picked a better actress to play Carrie. I love Ann Sophia, which Sarah Jessica Parker plays the older version. I remember being younger and wanting to watch Sex in the City but I thought it was not appropriate for me so I never really watched it, but this is a fun version that girls can watch, and parents will be okay.


I seriously fell in love with the characters..and I also like that they made real life events that we all go through in high school, even though it was suppose to be the 1980’s. Another thing I liked is that friendship was a big part of it and family. It made it very watchable, nothing boring. And of course if you know Carrie you know fashion was always on point ! Carrie will always be wearing these weird but super cute outfits.

Win Some, Lose Some

If your familiar with the original show, you also know Samantha Jones, which is one of Carries friends. And she come out in season 2 I believe, and wow that girl that played Samantha looks so much like her!

Of course love plays a part and the first love of Carrie which is Sebastian Kidd (Austin Butler, yeees as in Austin Vanessa Hudgens boyfriend) He is ADORABLE !!

Overall I really enjoyed the TV show just that it was too short only two seasons,with 13 episodes I believe, and I didn’t like the ending not one bit so it really disappoint I was expecting more.

*It’s on NETFLIX ( 2 seasons)

TrailerΒ ( first season)

Comedy Romance

Rate: 7.5/10

Like I said I enjoyed watching it but the ending made me not rate it higher, I recommend it a lot I feel every one will enjoy it especially if your a Sex in the City person, or fashion lover.

I have never been to New York but seeing the show made me want to go.

Thanks Didi


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