Charismastar | Beauty Guru 

Hi guys I wanted to do something different and share with you guys beauty gurus that inspire me. If I’m not on Netflix or preparing my next blogs on here I am watching youtube videos. 

One of my favorite youtubers is Charis Lincoln. I found her channel because I would watch Talia Joyce(RIP) volgs and one day she was watching a video and she was crying and saying that it was beautiful she mentioned it was Charis love story. I decided to watch it and find out. Watching that video changed my life, and that video is one of my favorite ! 

Charis inspired me, made me feel beautiful again I found her when I was going through a really bad break up. Seriously her words are really inspirational. 

She won NYX Face Awards in 2012 and seriously this girl is really creative. That’s another reason why I love her videos, she puts so much effort to her videos and is so unique. And best thing of all she loves Disney like I do. 

She has different videos like Diys, Disney looks, tags, makeup tutorials…and even films with her husband. 

Charis is beautiful inside and out, I totally recommend her channel to anyone. Like I said she is one of my favorites ever!

More on Charis..

Channel: charismastar

Vlog Channel: charismastartv

Instagram: charismastar
I hope you guys like this new segment to my blog, I actually did it before and stopped. Do you have any favorite beauty gurus ? 

💗 didi


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