Makeup Haul | Recent Purchases

Hi guys, I know I have already post today but I feel it does not count because Valentines Day already past. Plus I’ve been wanting to share with you what I have recently purchased.

This is not to brag or anything, just sharing what I have picked up at the stores and hope you enjoy.

I have bought several lip products and some eye products as well.


This will be just a haul I could do a review if you guys are interested. Let me know what product you would like for me to do a review.


First items are from Hard Candy and from the Trolls movie. I personally haven’t watched it yet but it’s on the list. There are different colors to the collection and a eye shadow palette I believe but this is what I picked up.

I sometimes do peoples makeup and I like to use glitter so I picked these three for only $3 so I thought it was pretty good and it had pretty colors. I have used Hard Candy’s glitter before and I like it so its a plus.


This is in the shade POPPY’S CELEBRATION

Metallic mate lipsticks are also in this collection and I love having different colors for the lips even though they are weird and I might not wear it often but I might like it for a look, Halloween, or I don’t know even eye shadow.



Another product for the eyes is this eye liner from ELF(black) and I always have used liquid so I wanted to give it a try with is formula I have used it a couple of times before but I don’t like the little brush that comes with it I need to buy another one to make the application better.



I feel in love with the color especially for coming up seasons Spring and Summer. Like I said I like to have different shades of lip products because I do like to change it up. I have used it once and I liked the formula its matte but not too matte where its to dry, its moisturizing. And I got the shade 300 LILAC



I’ve been looking for a matte red liquid lipstick and I love the Milani ones, so a few weeks ago I picked this one up(22 AMORE) and I really like it. Its a really good red to have in the’s a little too bright than what I wanted but still a really pretty shade.



I like nudes its one of my go-to colors lately and I ordered this one from Kylie Cosmetics in the shade EXPOSED and its a gloss which I don’t own any from her collection so I wanted to give it a try and I like the color.


I haven’t tried a Too Faced lip product before but I found this one at Marshal’s for only $6! Its the metal version but its more settle than the Hard Candy one. Its a really pretty pink it has a sheen to it ( Melted Metallic Tu-tu)



I got the Kylie Valentine Collection the Sweet Hear Kit which comes with two shadows and two mini lipsticks. One is a gloss( Literally) and a matte( Dolce K) They are both nudes the matte one is darker.



Last item is this gorgeous mini palette which has two shadows (Love letter & Baby) I love the coral peachy shade which if you know me I love pink and the shimmery one is perfect. I didn’t swatch because I don’t like to swatch until I use it (I know weird me) but I do plan on using it this weekend and expect a review on it!


Thanks for reading and following me. I am trying to give you a great quality of posts!

❀ Didi


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