Nicole Guerriero| beauty guru

Hello, hope you guys had a wonderful weekend.
My mini vacation is almost coming to an end, I go back to work on Wednesday. I had a really great week even though I didn’t do much except for sleeping in and staying up late which is fine with me since I am not a morning person.

If you saw one of last weeks post which was of a beauty guru (Charismastar) I let you knows know it would be something new in my blog which I actually did in the past when I first started this blog.


The beautiful Nicole is next one the list. She is a youtuber for a couple of years already, I remember going to one of her videos because she did a video on how to put hair extensions and I was barely starting on that and I fell in love with her.



She is creative, energetic, always smiling and laughing. I love seeing her vlogs (car rides) and Halloween tutorials are the BOMB. She just know how to work it, she is perfect I feel in my eyes.


Its so much fun watching her and I get sooooo happy when I get notified when she uploads a new video. Like Charis she inspires and motivates me.
She is also really good friends with Carly Bybel (youtuber).



youtube: nicole guerriero

instagram: nicoleguerriero

snapchat: hinic

Thanks ❀ Didi


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