Long Distance | Journal

Hi guys, I know I have been distance, and I have been behind with my posts. But I have a crazy schedule at work and a trip coming real soon so that’s taking my full time right now.
If you guys have been following my page for a while now you know that I have a long distance relationship for 2 years. My boyfriend leaves for about 7 months to another state to work and comes about 1-2 times in a month.

Long distance is a huge part of our relationship, and I know there are thousands that are going through the same or even worst. So I wanted to make like a journal, where as the months go by I’ll update you guys and give you tips/advice, and keep you guys updated.

So today marks 3 days since he’s gone. We were making plans to see each other on Saturday and spend our last “date” day together. On Friday one day before he called and said he was leaving the next morning. I felt bad to be honest….worst then other times. This time saying goodbye felt horrible. I actually cried which I have never done when we say goodbye when he has to leave.

At the moment I do really miss him maybe I’m not super emotional because we see each other maybe 2-3 times in the week because of work. But my first tips for when you just separated is not to get into that real quick… the feeling that you miss them because you’ll feel worst and its just starting.

Also keep in communication, and ask how they’re day was. It’s important to talk often, not in a annoying in their face way. Text them random love texts or voice messages. Keep the love going even though your far from each other,

Don’t talk about you want to see them already, or that you miss them that will make it harder on the person who left and make you feel sad as well.

A long distance relationship is hard and not for everyone. This would be the last year my boyfriend leaves in God’s favor. We do have plans of a future, which I am planning on sharing on a later post.

Hope you enjoy this little segment on my blog. And most important find helpful.

❤ didi


Planning a Party? | Party Tips

Hi loves, hope you are having a wonderful night. I am almost done with the week…just TWO more days for me. I am feeling actually tired already believe it or not!

I have been posting new things on my Spanish blog, if you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link.

I love being creative like I have mentioned before. I am usually the one who goes online and searches for ideas for themes, decor ideas, etc. In about a week we will be having a party which will be a Harley Davidson theme and in a couple of months I will be having a birthday party for my little cousin who will be turning 4 in June and it will be a Minions Hawaiian party.

I have actually thought about having my own business where I create party decorations or just be like a party planner.


I want to share tips and take you along my journey on planning a party, so this will be party one.

So the first thing I do is depending on the age of the person we are having the party for I search. I like to do a little research and have options. Its usually my mom and me when we plan for a party. I usually search on Pinterest or right on Google.

You also want to think about when will it be(season) and depending on that you can choose the food and party favors to match.
I like to stay organized more if its a bigger party you can get templates of checklists that will help you. Also if your having it inside or out, where in your back yard or at a bouquet.

And start thinking about how big your party will be and who you will invite.


I feel these are the first few steps when planning the party. If you are doing like a kids party I suggest having around 3-2 months in advance to plan and have everything you have in mind. If its something bigger like a wedding I suggest a year in advance or preferred time.

I usually think about food after I find out when and where the party will be at. So it can all coordinate. For example both parties will be held at my house and for the Harley Davidson party we will be having Hot Dogs and live music. For the Minion one we will be having like sea food, ceviche and maybe chicken salad fresh foods since it will be HOT!


  1. Who is the party for…
  2. Think about season/date
  3. Search for theme ideas
  4. How many people
  5. Food/drinks/ Party favors


I did some crafts for the Harley party that I will be showing in the part two. So stay tune ! ❤



How I stay organized | Didi’s Life

Hi guys, hope you had a awesome weekend. For me this weekend (mostly Saturday), was simply special. I got Saturday off from work, so my boyfriend and me got to spend all day together, We went bowling and to a Zoo but it was like a park too, with a big lake where we got on like little boats and you have to peddle to make it move(sorry I don’t know what they are called).
We were suppose to go to Disney but we had to change plans, and he’ll be leaving for work again out of state, so maybe Disney won’t happen this year.

I had plans to post different things. So maybe I wont even follow the schedule I said I was going to use. But I do want to do two different posts today.

Have you ever been short of money and don’t know where it all went?  Or you stress a lot on knowing what you have to do on your days of?

I want to talk about the importance to journal or having a agenda.


This is something I have learned through my first year on my very first job. Staying organized is very important. With a new job, new responsibilities came along. For example a new car, and getting a new house with my mom.

I love going shopping, and going home decor shopping since we got a new house. At first when I got my job it was okay to spend my money on what ever. But I also gave my mom money for what ever she needed it on….she wanted to teach me the value of hard working and paying for things we needed.

Now that we have a new house and my car, I found myself very stressful and without money for my second week since I get payed every second week. I had bought too many things I didn’t needed and less of what I actually needed.

I want to share a few tips and show you what I found helpful…


Since I was in college I loved to have a agenda with me, to write down important dates, when assignments were due, etc. Now that I don’t go to school anymore, I find it still helpful to have an agenda or a calendar around.
In the agenda/calendar I like to write down when the assurance for my car is due, payments for my cellphone, house(since I help my mom pay for the house), and any other payments I might have that month or when I spend money for doctors, or anything I splurge on. And I also have a note card with the amount I pay each time for my car and how much I still owe. Just to see for my next paycheck how much I want to give, and to lower what I still owe.

There is so many agendas that varies price and design..I’ve seen some from Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, so you can pretty much get them anywhere.


I love journaling more for a personal use, I normally use it for writing down ideas, goals, important things I don’t want to forget.
You can also use it to get organized, I use it to keep track of what I have already written in my blog so I don’t repeat things or change it up.


Something that my best friend taught me to not want to do everything with one check because it is stressful. I found myself wanting to do everything with one check and at the end I was left with no money. So it’s best to organize yourself what you’ll be doing with each check.

For example with this check I paid house, car, went to the Dr, and saved money. And next check I’ll be going to the dentist, eye Dr, and I’ll be buying Valentine’s day gifts(boyfriends and little things for my mom and sisters), and my sister’s birthday gift.
*Another great thing to do is save money as little or a lot, you’ll never know when you’ll need it. And its not always only saving money you also have to enjoy it.


Hope you enjoyed and found it helpful! ❤ Didi


How to deal with Long Distance Relationship? | Didi’s Life

Hi Loves, happy Tuesday!


As promised here I am once again with another post. I got of work about two hours ago, I worked out, showered, and now ready to see some Netflix…Any suggestions of what is good to watch?

So I have been in a Long Distance Relationship for what seems has been all my relationship. I already have 2 years with my boyfriend. Did I believe I would make it to our second anniversary? Honestly….no.

Having a long distance relationship is HARD, emotional, tiring, confusing….did I say hard?

But along with the bad things also some good comes along. For example the time you actually get to see each other. The plans, and goals you have especially if your in a more mature relationship.

For me I do want to marry my boyfriend. My plans are to marry him and have our own place and have a family. I am pretty young for most people, but for me 23 is just a number. I will be ready when I am if that’s next month or in 10 years.

Just because your in a relationship with someone that is far away doesn’t mean you should put your life aside. Or that just because he doesn’t texts or calls you means he does not love you. Trust me I learned !

With a long distance a lot comes in, for example is of two people putting their effort, use skype, whatsap, instagram, etc any app that helps you communicate. Find a way to have an intimate time(and no I just don’t mean sexual) but find time to actually sit down and talk and yous seriously have to talk if not you’ll loose that communication. But at the same time give each other space.

I’ve always said we have to learn to be far away from each other to learn how to be together. It’s hard saying goodbye but when it comes for him to come back it’s the best feeling ever!

My boyfriend leaves for about 7 months to another state to work, he sometimes comes once or twice each month depending of time. He drives 10 hours to get to where I am. So it is very hard at times and you also have to be understanding and not demanding as well.


Overall I think from my first post on Long distance I find my self thinking more mature and positive. I don’t know what life will bring us but I am ready.

If you have any questions or been through something similar feel free comment helpful tips, or your experience.

❤ didi


Monday/ Mornings Tips | beautytime101

Hello beauties !
Hope you had a great weekend, and I’m getting on schedule and figuring out what to post next. I know I didn’t post a lot last week, with school and everything it has been getting a little crazy.

Today I decided to do a post on how to make you Monday’s better. Since I’m not a morning or Monday person and I bet there’s a few out there, maybe my tips or tricks help you out.


1. Start to get you day ready on the previous day


I know me, and I get super lazy on Monday mornings and just have a harder time deciding on what to wear for school. So I usually decide what to wear on Sunday night and my bag or anything I might take ready so I have one less thing to worry about. It also takes me less time to get ready in the morning.

2. Pick out a comfy outfit/Hair



For Mondays I usually pick something very comfortable, easy, and casual for school. I like to wear leggings and a loose shirt. Depending of course on the weather but always comfy on Mondays that makes it a bit better. For hair I usually take my hair up all week anyways but on Mondays nobody has time for the hair. I normally do a bun or a high pony tail, the idea is to get all the hair out of the face and look a bit awake and put together even though you didn’t do much.

3. Minimal Makeup

imagesP97HFJINI’m a type of person that I have to at lease have concealer or something to cover up my blemishes and I can be fine. On Mondays is when I do the no makeup makeup look or just wear something to make my face look a little awake and not half asleep. If your comfortable going with completely no makeup you should try it and at least have a day when you give your face a break from all the products you usually wear.

4. Good Breakfast/Coffee


Having a good breakfast helps me during the day and makes me have more energy. Also a good coffee works to help me stay awake.

More tips…

*while getting ready put your favorite songs
*start your day by saying “today will be a great day”
*Make a to do list
*read motivational quotes

Hope this helps you a bit if your not a morning/ Monday person
Didi ❤


Childhood| beautytime101

Hello, beautiful people who take the time and read my blog.
Hope you having a wonderful day, just two more days for the weekend ! Which has me all excited and I might even upload more outfit ideas, which I see more feedback on those posts.
Perfect for me since I love doing it and gives me more ideas on how to put outfits together.

Anyways today post is about our childhood.
Lately I’ve been thinking about my future, since I’m 21 I guess I’m on that stage of thinking already.
And this question kept coming to my mind…would the child I was be happy with the person I am today?

The answer is pretty much yes. I don’t say that because I’m conceited or that I’m perfect. But because I’ve accomplished several goals..and I’m not the type that goes around partying, drinking and stuff. I’m actually a clam person but I do like to have fun.

What I would change is not worry so much for my teen years. I use to be so worried about people liking me.
Today that doesn’t even matter to me, just that I feel happy with me I’ll be fine.
I was so insecure with how I looked and my body, and being part of the popular ‘group’, and just trying to be someone I wasn’t. That’s what I regret being afraid to be me, and not being liked.

I think that’s one of the most important things I learned growing up and one point or another everyone does. Finding a way to fit in but you don’t have to..you can be you and still have great people by you side.

Question of the day: Would the child you use to be, be happy with the person you are today?

xoxo, Didi




Long Distance Relationship?

I know I already did a post for today but I found some free time and decided to blog some more. I don’t know I just love to blog and lately it has helped me and motivate me to keep something up.

I just thought of sitting down and writing, most won’t care..but it sure will help me feel better. I guess I’ve been so emotional lately..you know the emotional kind, when you miss someone a lot.

It’s been almost three months since I met this wonderful person who I feel incredible with, someone who I can truly be me and not get shy any more or scare he might not like the real me. I have been in love before and I know how it feels to want to give your all to someone. But this time it’s different, I seriously feel I’ve been with him for 6 months already and we’re almost two months together. He is the most adorable person, the type who sends a text in the morning to let you know he cares and loves you. The one who everyday calls you beautiful, the one who stays up late talking to you, the one who gives you kisses on the forehead, the one who still opens and closes doors for you, the one who still gives roses…the one who says he wants a future with you.

I know every relationship has problems at one point or another…our problem? Distance.
Seriously it sucks to have someone you truly care about be far away and can’t hug them or just be with them any time or day you want.

I guess the reason for my post is if your going through a long distance relationship..or you have, how was it? How did you over come it?
Sometimes I just feel horrible, and fear takes over just imagining that maybe we’re not meant to be together that’s why we’re separated.
At times I feel that we will over come it, and our relationship will get stronger and its all a lesson life has for us.

If your going through this my best advice is: PACIENCE. If you truly love each other you’ll find a way to stay communicated. Technology has helped us a lot, staying together even though we are far way it makes it seem we’re still together even though we’re not physically.

-Send pictures of each other
-Talk on phone
-Say how you feel
-Send letters/things that person likes

Love can over come anything, and if you and your love one has in mind what you guys want…anything is possible.


I don’t know if this made any sense or if I just typed up my feelings. But if it helps anyone I guess that was my point or at least it helped someone out there. I hate distance, but that’s how sometimes you see thing clearer, and take it’s true value of things. Big hugs to everyone who has a long-distance relationship.

xoxo, Didi