Megan(ciaoobelllaxo) | Beauty Guru

Hi guys, it’s been a while since the last post. I guess I haven’t been feeling it my inspiration has left a bit and I don’t want to make posts like that. When I post something I want to give the best I possibly can.
Work is kinda crazy right now and a few other things going on in my life. But I wanted to post about some one who inspires me and I have already posted about some beauty gurus from youtube and today I bring you another one.


She has been doing youtube videos for years now, and I really can’t remember which video was the first one I watched from her. But I do remember watching her and stopped for some reason then found her channel and haven’t stopped since then.

I love her beauty videos, and specially her vlogs. She has a adorable dog ‘greyson’ and she is so pretty and unique in her channel. I feel like I have ton of youtubers that inspire me but are all differnet.

Like any other youtuber Megan has gone through some hate but what I love about her is that she continues to do what she loves and keeps on trying to become better than she already is. I love when I see a notification and it says its a video from ciaoobelllaxo.

Seriously check out her vlogs my favorite I feel that’s more her and I don’t know I feel like I am friends with her after so many years of watching her videos.

Megan’s channel: ciaoobelllaxo

vlog channel: lavitadimeg

instagram: ciaoobelllaxo

<2 didi


Belinda Selene | Beauty Guru

Hi and happy Sunday!
Hope all you guys are having a wonderful end of your weekend. I am getting ready for a movie night with my sisters. We got a bunch of junk food and we’re planning on watching Netflix.
For today I have a beauty guru that inspires me, which is great to post today because we all need sometimes a little motivation. For me Belinda Selene is one of my creativity and beauty inspiration.



She started making youtube videos back in October 2011. I remember going on youtube and searching something with room decor. And I came across Belinda Selene Home Decor DIY video about four-three years ago. To be honest I stopped watching her and later came across maybe two years ago again and I fell in love with her and I haven’t stopped watching since.


I love how creative she is, when you watch a video from her you can see the effort she puts when filming. I love her DIYS, hacks, and home decor. She also makes beauty videos like makeup and ootd’s (Outfit of the day).

Belinda also has a vlog channel where she takes her camera and shows around what she does or for a vacation and concerts. She is a Disney fan as me so that is a plus. 🙂


Belinda also loves to stay organized and has videos on how to decorate planners. She is also a beauty ambassador of Wet n Wild and right now for Revlon. This girl can do everything ! I feel she is a true inspiration for every girl to show that hard work can pay off sooner or later.

She also shared ideas for wedding when she was planning for hers which are great ideas that I’m sure going to use!


Of course I recommend her! If you want to see someone new on youtube and you haven’t seen Belinda go over youtube right now and search for Belinda Selene!

Youtube channel: Belinda Selene

Vlog Channel: BelindasLife

Instagram: Belinda Selene

Instagram (planner): planwithbelinda

Blog: http://www.belindaselene.com

Snap Chat: belindaselene

❤ Didi



Charismastar | Beauty Guru 

Hi guys I wanted to do something different and share with you guys beauty gurus that inspire me. If I’m not on Netflix or preparing my next blogs on here I am watching youtube videos. 

One of my favorite youtubers is Charis Lincoln. I found her channel because I would watch Talia Joyce(RIP) volgs and one day she was watching a video and she was crying and saying that it was beautiful she mentioned it was Charis love story. I decided to watch it and find out. Watching that video changed my life, and that video is one of my favorite ! 

Charis inspired me, made me feel beautiful again I found her when I was going through a really bad break up. Seriously her words are really inspirational. 

She won NYX Face Awards in 2012 and seriously this girl is really creative. That’s another reason why I love her videos, she puts so much effort to her videos and is so unique. And best thing of all she loves Disney like I do. 

She has different videos like Diys, Disney looks, tags, makeup tutorials…and even films with her husband. 

Charis is beautiful inside and out, I totally recommend her channel to anyone. Like I said she is one of my favorites ever!

More on Charis..

Channel: charismastar

Vlog Channel: charismastartv

Instagram: charismastar
I hope you guys like this new segment to my blog, I actually did it before and stopped. Do you have any favorite beauty gurus ? 

💗 didi


My Top Beautygurus |beautytime101

Hello, hope you’re having a great day.
Today I have something different, I wanted to change it up a bit…so today I’ll tell you my top 10 favorite Beauty Guru’s from youtube. I did this when I first started my blog, but I decided to re-do it’s been a year and in a year your likings could change or find more youtubers.

Belinda Selene (Channel: Belinda Selene/Vlog: BelindasLife)

images (4)

Charis Lincoln (Channel: Charisma Star/ Vlog: CharismaLifeTV)


Megan Kroh (Channel: Ciaoobelllaxo/ Vlog: LaVitaDiMeg)

download (1)

Nicole Guerriero (Channel: Nguerierro19)

images (5)

Weylie (Channel: ilikeweylie/Vlog: WahlieTV)

download (2)

Promise Phan (Channels: Promise Phan & Dope2111)

download (3)

Kristen Leanne (Channel:Kristen Leanne)

DSC03146 editLRCropForBlog

Dulce Candy (Channel: dulcecandy87)

download (4)

Miranda Sings/Collin Ballinger (Channels: Miranda Sings/ Psychosoprano

download (5)

Lynette Cenee (Channel: Lynette Cenee)


xoxo, Didi


Beauty guru of the Month | beautytime101

Hello !

Hope you all are doing great, I feel sad for not being able to post often like I did a couple of weeks back when I uploaded daily. School is getting tougher, the semester is almost over and I can feel it ! But with that I am excited because I am almost graduating 🙂

Any who, today I bring you a beauty guru of the month.
If your new to my blog or haven’t seen this post of mine, it’s just as the title says it. I pick each month a new beauty guru from youtube that I recommend to you all.

This month is Jaaackjack



Jackie Perdue or known as jaaackjack on youtube is one dedicated and creative girl on youtube. When you see her videos you know she takes her time and is really creative. ‘Her channel began when she first started playing around with makeup. What started as a way to document her progress, turned into a full blown lifestyle channel. Young women turn to JaaackJack to find the latest makeup and fashion trends. On her channel you’ll find her style series called Style Jaaack’d, her health and fitness series called #FitWithJack, as well as monthly favorites, product reviews, hair tutorials and overall positivity.’ (from her Blog)

Check her out, if you want to see fun videos or just to meet another youtuber 🙂

Here’s last months Beauty Guru: Promise Phan

Ps. Comment your favorite beauty guru 🙂

xoxo Didi ❤

blog: http://www.jaaackjack.com/
youtube: jaaackjack


Beauty Guru of the Month

Hello, hope you guys are having a wonderful Tusday!
This was meant to be posted last month, and totally remembered today haha !
Well I decided to start early and post this month’s Beauty Guru of the Month, if your new to my blog each month I pick beauty guru’s from youtube, they are talented girls that I watch and recommend to you. I did a few last year if you want to check it out. I also put their youtube channel name, facebook, and Instagram if you become obsessed like me and want to follow them.



Promise Phan is incredibly popular YouTube channels dope2111 and Promise21111. She posted her first video on January 12, 2010. She is known for transforming into different people or characters, and scary enough she does look like every one of them. She’s so creative, beautiful, talented, funny, seems like a really nice, respectful person. She does several tag videos and it’s just fun to watch her videos.  And if you know who is Michelle Phan, well Promise Phan happens to be her sister-in-law.

Youtube channels: dope2111
promise phan
Instagram: promidetamang
Facebook: Promise Tamang


Beauty Guru of the Month!

I’ve been absent for some time now, (if you noticed) I haven’t been blogging as much since I started school and all my hours goes to that and homework. It’s my fourth week and let me tell you being a full time college student takes all your time.

images3PV61IH9Anyways today I picked a new Beauty Guru of the Month, it was hard to pick since I have a lot if favorite ones. For the month of September I picked Weylie Hoang, she’s so freaken’ amazing, so funny, and talks her mind out. Weird but the first video I watched from her was a how to put a tampon lol, I didn’t want to know but it looked interesting and I was looking for new people to watch. She was so funny, and I checked other videos and got hooked.
images975CVBACimages     imagesKINIV9CP

She also has a vlog channel she does with her boyfriend Wah, they are the cutest couple ever! Plus very funny, you’ll be laughing in every single video you watch from them. She is so talented, humble, and adorable. Would love to met her ❤ She’s literally like a big sister, she makes videos of advice, her experiences, and tips plus a lot of beauty ones too.

Youtube channel: ilikeweylie
Vlog channel: wahlietv
Instagram: ilikeweylie