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Hey guys I know I just said two posts, but I finally decided to make my own group on Polyvore.
Polyvore is an app where you can go and create a collage of ideas with hundreds of items from a clothing item to home decor. At first I decided to use it to upload ideas on here for OOTDS but I found groups and submitted my sets (my ideas).

I have actually won a couple of times so I’ll share with you:

I won 8th place.

2nd place

2nd place

2nd place

2nd place

11th place

My group I just made is called : The Disney Chick, and basically it will be a Disney themed group since I love Disney. I have a ton of ideas, and I wanted to invite you guys to join the group or even join Polyvore if you haven’t.


 Love ❤ didi


Essential Items when going to Disneyland!

Hello ! So today I got wifi installed in my home which I am really excited and happy since I can post more often.

So something I’ve been having in my bucket list is going to Disneyland. But not just going but with who. I’ve gone already like 8 times, and if you are an old reader I did a few posts when I went to Disney. This year will be special because I’ll be going with my boyfrien, our first trip to a magical place.

I’ve decided to come up with some helpful essential things to take weather you’ve gone already or its your first time.


1blogI have this exact camera, and I’ll be taking it this year to take some special shots. I like that they instantly come out and just another way to  take pictures. But cellphones, and other cameras works as well. I’ll be taking my cellphone as well. And another thing that I like is that other people take pictures as we ( people in you group) and they might have one that you don’t

These cameras in particular are around $60 when I bought them, and I got it at my local Walmart. They have also different colors if interested.


1bloggAnother thing I like to take is a medium/small backpack or a side bag big enough to fit a wallet, cellphone, and any other essentials. Lately I’ve been taking a backpack because we take bottles of water or snacks while we are in line or whatever. Also I sometimes do my makeup while on road so I take essentials  I might need to touch up.  And also a jacket/sweater since it does get chilly at night in Anaheim. And just a place where to put souvenir anything you buy at the park.



1bloggggI don’t really take any makeup when I go to the park except my lipstick, eye liner and powder for touch ups. And I usually just have them in a pocket of my bag or backpack. But this year I want to be more organized and take a makeup bag to keep all makeup. Another great thing to take will be hand sanitizer, lotion, maybe hair band or bobby pins, and pills juts in case of a headache, cramps or anything.

You can also keep money in there or keys jyst anything important.




1bloggg I know that there are some power outlets in the park but why would you want to wait 20min or more for your phone to charge when you can be in rides! Better be prepare, specially because you’ll be taking lots of pictures and if you with a big group what if someone gets lost and can’t find you and you check your phone…oh no! no battery, not with a battery back up. (I feel like I was in a commercial) But these are great. Two years ago I went to San Diego ZOO, and it was a life saver literally ! Totally recommend them because you can be walking around or in rides and your phone will be charging in you bag/backpack.


Hope you found it helpful, I’ll sure be posting more of Disney before I go, while I’m there and after. Follow me on instagram : beautytime101dc


Thanks ❤ didi


Disney makeup Haul | beautytime101

Hello loves!
I really hope you are having a great Wednesday. I am really excited about today’s post…as you may have read on the title it’s a Haul, but it’s the smallest haul ever because it’s only two items. From previous posts you may have already now I am a huge Disney fan, and I loveeeeee anything and everything involve with it. Since last year the brand of cosmetics, ELF launched a Disney makeup collection, it started with the Little Mermaid. The collection comes with different products similar to the collections Sephora sometimes has but much more affordable.

The collection is only available in Walgreens stores and online, and you might to be able to get previous collections. The collection started with Ariel as I mentioned, then Snow White, Jasmine, Good vs. Evil (Aurora & Maleficent), Elsa, and today I went to the store and I saw the Pocahontas, Mulan, and Belle collection. I almost cried of excitement, but for now I only got two items from two collections.


Ps. I have made reviews on the Ariel, Snow White, and Elsa makeup on previous posts, if you want to check that out.

DISCLAIMER* this is was my idea, and I was not paid to do this.

Dare to Dream palette $10

Dare to Dream palette $10

The first item is the Mulan makeup book. I fell in love with the palette, I think it’s so Mulan and I fell in love with the cover. The colors are so pretty and colorful perfect for this season. Plus I love these makeup collections even though it’s ELF the shadows have great pigment, and I love they’re products. I so recommend it specially for beginners in makeup since you are starting and you really don’t need to buy expensive makeup when you can get similar items at a lower price.

As you can see the book comes with 9 eyeshadows (Porcelain, Serenity, Typhoon, Honor, Tranquil, Jade, Blossom, Fortune, Destiny), it comes with a black eye liner pencil (Raven Haired Bun), 2 blushes (Dynasty Dahlia & Palace Puce), and a red lipstick (Mushu’s Flame) all for $10 I think it’s a reasonable price and affordable.


The second item is a lip balm from the Pocahontas collection. I haven’t tried it out yet it’s still in it’s packaging but I’m excited. It comes in the color Lavender and hopefully it has great pigmentation. Ever since I was little I use to watch Ariel and Pocahontas all the time and I’m a lipstick junkie that’s why I got this lipstick. They also have Ariel, Mulan, and Belle lip balms.

I hope you enjoyed this and I want to do a makeup inspired by the princesses and the palettes I have collected. So hopefully I can do that soon.

xoxo, Didi


Disney OOTD |beautytime101

Hello ! It seems like forever since I haven’t done a post.
I know I did one yesterday but I had that one ready since last week so its different. Anyways hope your having an amazing Tuesday 🙂

Today’s post is another Disney post but the last one of my mini series I did. I want to do an Disney Trip experience but that will be after I come back hopefully I can upload videos and pictures for you guys. I’m really excited if you can tell lol, I feel like a big girl..and in only four days I’ll be leaving.


Shirt: (Local Store) Shorts: Wal*Mart Shoes: Coach Necklace: Wal*Mart Watch: Factory-2U Earrings: (Borrowed from sister)

My outfit is simple, and comfy for a long day of fun. This year my group of people is six including me so we decided to go to a fabric store and have them make shirts for us. And we got Minnie’s face outline with May 2015 and on the back with our names. Its a cute idea to do if your going in a group.

10494521_847270558662134_7290072069480752298_n     20911_847270501995473_2184589106402799469_n        1517488_847270528662137_1913357937306980322_n (1)


Take care xoxo, Didi ❤


What to take to Disney/Tips |beautytime101

Hello! Here’s another quick post on what I’ll be taking while I’m at Disneyland. I’ve gone several times now, so hopefully my tips help you whether you’re also going to Disney or other theme park.

This is pretty much what I’ll be taking I’ll maybe add some bottles of water, granola bars, and some kind of snacks that you can eat while you’re in line. Plus it will save some money if you bring that from home, and you can also take food, or ice coolers if you wish or leave the park to somewhere else.


This is the backpack I’ll be taking. I suggest taking a small to medium backpack to take and put all the things you need. Or a side body bag will work also, try and have more than one backpack if you’re going in a group or with family it’s not that heavy. Or take turns carrying the bags.
This year we’re taking two backpacks, one with snacks, waters, sweaters, and one with things we need like what I’m about to show you.


My backpack is a black Coach backpack my mom actually bought it for me for this past year of school. We got it at Marshals and at a decent price.
It’s a medium bag and all my necessities fitted. And there was room for my sweater which I like so I don’t have to carry it or have it on if I feel a little hot. ( I got a random sweater but I’m actually taking my Frozen sweater) I’m also thinking of taking pair of black leggings, because I’m thinking about taking shorts and just if it gets a bit chilly plus leggings are thin and don’t take a lot of space.


Inside I gathered things I know I will need throughout the day like lotion, sunscreen, perfume, toothbrush and case, contact and sunglasses case, and wallet. I will be leaving around 2am so we can arrive before they open the park like 7 am, so I also need to take my makeup. I practically taking the makeup products that were in my previous post Disney/theme park makeup idea and trying to not take a lot of products specially to keep the look simple and not overdone.

Some tips:

  • Before packing make a list of things you’ll really need.
  • Try and take hand sanitizer just in case you can’t wash your hands or want to take a quick snack in line.
  • Try and take smaller sized things like a mini lotion, wallet, perfume, etc. so it will take less space.
  • Take some bottles of water and snacks (granola bars, nuts, gum, cookies, etc.) if you get hungry while waiting in line plus it will save you some money.
    • You can take ice coolers and food inside the park!
  • Try and go to gift shops/stores when you’re leaving the parks or right when you arrive so you don’t miss out on shows and other activities of the park.

Hope you find this helpful weather you are going to Disneyland parks, or any theme park I think it’s helpful to know things like this. Just investigate about taking food because that might change in different parks.

Have a wonderful weekend, and let me know which is you favorite theme park? J

Ps. After this Disney post I’ll have an my OOTD and once I get back I’ll let you know about my trip.

Xoxo, Didi


Disney/theme park Makeup Idea | beautytime101

Hello, Happy Saturday!

Today’s post is another Disney/theme park post. I think I did one last year when I first started my blog, I’ll link it here, if I find it. I recently found out I’ll be going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks to celebrate the 60th anniversary, which has me all excited since little I have been a fan, and to be able to attend while the 60th anniversary.


Well I decided to show you what makeup I would wear. I’m thinking of making a little series and show you the outfit, what I’ll be taking, etc. Plus I’m out of school so I have some free time before my summer class starts.


Pretty much this is the makeup I am mostly sure going to wear, only because it’s my everyday makeup routine. Maybe a few changes in the shadow, lipstick, but other than that it will pretty much stay the same.


FACE: I chose a BB cream over a foundation for this day since I want something natural and not very over done since it’s a day at the theme park. I want something simple but still look nice for that day, I also forgot to include my concealer, you can always just wear some concealer and powder for that natural effect. Whenever I wear BB creams/foundations I put some powder on just to mattify the look. I’ll also wear a little bit of blush and bronzer so my face doesn’t look so flat.


EYES: I always have to do my eyelashes when I do my makeup and I’ll be using two. I always use two that helps with the volume and another one that helps with the length. I also always use a nude liner for my water line I feel it opens and brightens my eyes and makes ,my makeup different. I have a brown pencil and a black marker liner. I feel the brown will do since I’m going for that fresh/natural look but I decided to put both maybe a simple cat eye look will do. *Make sure you wear a waterproof one so it doesn’t come off with the humid, water, sweat.


EYES & LIPS: For shadow something simple like I said and this is a cream shadow which will last a pretty long time. And a bright lip color is always a must in my look. Seriously my friends/family know me I can wear simple eye makeup but always bright/ colorful lipstick on my face.

Well this is it for today, hopefully tomorrow I can upload outfit ideas, or what I;ll be wearing. I also what to do inspired nails so keep an eye out for that 🙂

xoxo, Didi ❤


The Disney Tag | beautytime101

Goooood morning !
Hope your having a great Monday and start of your week.
Today I bring you ‘The Disney Tag’ which I saw a video on youtube by Colleen Ballinger and I didn’t even know there was a Disney tag and I just had to do it. I LOVE DISNEY ❤
There are 9 questions to this tag, if you love Disney as much as I do give this a try !

untitled1.A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience?
I have tons of scenes that I would like to experience but one of the most beautiful in my opinion has to be from the movie Tangled, when Rapunzel and Flynn are in a boat watching the lanterns. I think it beautiful and the colors and just they way that Flynns looks at her.

images88G3VYZ22. An unforgettable experience/moment you’ve had at the Parks?
I think every time I go is an unforgettable experience/moment. Seeing the characters, going on the rides, being with people I love being in my favorite place makes it unforgettable already. 

imagesSH1PR7C23. What non-Disney song(s) reminds you or brings back memories of Disney and/or the Parks?
This is a hard one, because every time I thought about this question a Disney song came up in my mind. I guess that one song that comes out in Sherk when they arrive to Far Far away since both movies have similar characters.

imagesJ5ARAYIF4.If you could choose any of the characters to be your best friend, who would you choose?
I would totally pink without even thinking Olaf, he is the most adorable snowman I’ve ever seen. I love his character plus the quote he says to Anna. ” Some people are worth melting for”


5. Who are your favorite Disney princesses?
This is super hard. I love all Disney Princesses. Since little I’m in love with Ariel and use to watch Pocahontas all the time. But now that I’m older I still love Ariel but now love Anna too. I also love Rapunzel and Meredith because of their roles but I’ll stick to Anna for now.  

  imagesX5HPGZEM6. Name a scene/moment in any Disney movie that never fails to make you cry?
It has to be from High School Musical 3, when they graduate and bow down and the curtain falls. I don’t know I guess it reminds me of when I graduated and how live has changed then.
imagesMCRWHUK87. What is the first Disney movie you remember seeing?
I have no idea, but it’s either Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, or Hercules.
imagesNI3FYAIO8.When was the first time you went to a Disney Park?
I believe it was like in 2000, I was about 5-6 years old

9. What is your favorite Disney movie?
I don’t have a favorite. It’s really hard picking one. I guess my favorites are from the Disney Princesses.
images5YKJNAEVHave a great day !
xox, Didi