Forgotten post | Long distance relationship

Hi guys,
honestly I feel bad for noting continuing with the schedule I planed or made more posts. I feel like my inspiration left for a while and I am looking for it. Not that I don’t like my blog I do I feel it has helped me gain confidence and made me a little more creative.

I love posting because I use it as somewhere I can write and write my true feelings. Today I want to share more about my long distance relationship, as you know my boyfriend left already and it been 1 month and about 3 weeks already.

To be honest it’s been the MOST EMOTIONAL year yet! I felt the last year will be a piece of cake, but it’s been the hardest. I feel we kind if lost communication, I don’t know if it’s normal or something is really wrong. I saw him not that long ago I felt so happy but he felt different. Like he was with me but his mind was somewhere else. It honestly scares me, that we’re together because we’re use to each other and not because of what we felt.

Everyone thinks different and it’s hard having a relationship now a long distance relationship is harder and has to have more effort. Which I honestly don’t know if I have any more.

I didn’t want to make this post super dramatic or with drama….I don’t really share in depth my relationship but its hard and its either going to make us stronger or break us.

***I actually wrote this a few months back, in April I believe. And now it’s been almost 5 months since I wrote that first part of the post. For some reason I didn’t publish it. But what I can remember it was a hard month. And it keeps being hard, for that moment I thought I lost my best friend…because that’s what my boyfriend is to me.

I want to post more for you guys and share my adventures but at the same time my passion which is makeup, fashion, and crafts. And also show more of my life style.

But overall long distance relationship is sooooooooooo hard. Now I am 2 years and 6 months with my boyfriend and we keep trying and making this better each day. All I have to say nobody is perfect and communication is the key honestly. And when you feel like something is wrong just say it and say what you really feel. Only 3 months for my boyfriend to be back and plans are to move in or even marriage. But we both decided since we’ve been far away from each other to enjoy our relationship as boyfriend/girlfriend a little longer.

thanks for reading, and stay tune for more things,



Long Distance | Journal

Hi guys, I know I have been distance, and I have been behind with my posts. But I have a crazy schedule at work and a trip coming real soon so that’s taking my full time right now.
If you guys have been following my page for a while now you know that I have a long distance relationship for 2 years. My boyfriend leaves for about 7 months to another state to work and comes about 1-2 times in a month.

Long distance is a huge part of our relationship, and I know there are thousands that are going through the same or even worst. So I wanted to make like a journal, where as the months go by I’ll update you guys and give you tips/advice, and keep you guys updated.

So today marks 3 days since he’s gone. We were making plans to see each other on Saturday and spend our last “date” day together. On Friday one day before he called and said he was leaving the next morning. I felt bad to be honest….worst then other times. This time saying goodbye felt horrible. I actually cried which I have never done when we say goodbye when he has to leave.

At the moment I do really miss him maybe I’m not super emotional because we see each other maybe 2-3 times in the week because of work. But my first tips for when you just separated is not to get into that real quick… the feeling that you miss them because you’ll feel worst and its just starting.

Also keep in communication, and ask how they’re day was. It’s important to talk often, not in a annoying in their face way. Text them random love texts or voice messages. Keep the love going even though your far from each other,

Don’t talk about you want to see them already, or that you miss them that will make it harder on the person who left and make you feel sad as well.

A long distance relationship is hard and not for everyone. This would be the last year my boyfriend leaves in God’s favor. We do have plans of a future, which I am planning on sharing on a later post.

Hope you enjoy this little segment on my blog. And most important find helpful.

❤ didi


Valentines Day| Home Decor

I know I know, I’m like a day late but I still wanted to share with you my ideas and how I decorated this year for Valentines and give you my tips and tricks on ow to decorate for the holidays.

I usually decorate the entrance table and the dinning/kitchen since we still don’t have anything in the living room.



Everything is very affordable, I don’t tend to spend a lot of money on decor only if I see something really cute and know I can’t get it cheaper or if I can’t DIY it. For every season/holiday I change it up, I actually showed you guys my Christmas decor, and you can check it out here if you haven’t.

For the sides of the table I added a pink vase (Target) with white flowers I didn’t want to add more pink or red so white was the best option. And the other side I got this xoxo sign (Walmart) because I wanted to add something red. The Be mine plate(target) added more to it, I didn’t know what more to add but I thought it looked cute.


For more cuteness I added this cute little bear(Family Dollar), I love candles so I bought this one(Family Dollar) which goes with the theme so well. And my mom bought this heart rock(Dollar tree) which added a little more to the table.


The last thing from the entrance table, I actually made my self and feel really proud. I had already all the materials at home. This is Styrofoam and I just added paint got and idea on the font on Pinterest and just drew it and added some wire to hang it up and ta-da!



My favorite part was the dinning table, it looked so pretty. Table mates (Dollar tree) which were heart shaped made it look so festive. We already had the clothed napkins(Big Lots) which we used for Christmas deco but it went good with the combination. The glasses(Dollar tree) we also got from the Christmas decoration.


The flowers are part of my birthday gift but it went so good with the table decoration so I left it was a center piece. And always I have a candle and I believe it was from bath and body works.


And the banner you see on the background(Target) I loved and thinking about putting it in my room now because I love pink if you haven’t noticed. I usually always have a banner as well as I change the decoration. Just adds something else to it.



The last few things are in the kitchen, I wanted to add a little more and I added this love sign (target) which I really liked and a little puppy (dollar tree), I already had the glass heart shaped(walmart) which was from my quinceanera…s I added some candy and the pink one(dollar tree)I also had and I added some little things that smell good(sorry don’t know the name). All of this is in a corner of the kitchen facing the dining table.

I also like adding the kitchen towels as deco, and the first one is from dollar tree, and the other two from target.


  1. Check out stores like Dollar tree, and family dollar they have inexpensive decorations.
  2. You can also make some decorations and it can be cheaper.
  3. you don’t have to put a lot of things just things here and there.
  4. Be creative, check out pinterest for ideas.
  5. I like to get the table mates from dollar tree and some of the decoration.
  6. Check out Big Lots too!
  7. ALWAYS check out the dollar spot at target!



Hope you enjoyed ❤ Didi


How to deal with Long Distance Relationship? | Didi’s Life

Hi Loves, happy Tuesday!


As promised here I am once again with another post. I got of work about two hours ago, I worked out, showered, and now ready to see some Netflix…Any suggestions of what is good to watch?

So I have been in a Long Distance Relationship for what seems has been all my relationship. I already have 2 years with my boyfriend. Did I believe I would make it to our second anniversary? Honestly….no.

Having a long distance relationship is HARD, emotional, tiring, confusing….did I say hard?

But along with the bad things also some good comes along. For example the time you actually get to see each other. The plans, and goals you have especially if your in a more mature relationship.

For me I do want to marry my boyfriend. My plans are to marry him and have our own place and have a family. I am pretty young for most people, but for me 23 is just a number. I will be ready when I am if that’s next month or in 10 years.

Just because your in a relationship with someone that is far away doesn’t mean you should put your life aside. Or that just because he doesn’t texts or calls you means he does not love you. Trust me I learned !

With a long distance a lot comes in, for example is of two people putting their effort, use skype, whatsap, instagram, etc any app that helps you communicate. Find a way to have an intimate time(and no I just don’t mean sexual) but find time to actually sit down and talk and yous seriously have to talk if not you’ll loose that communication. But at the same time give each other space.

I’ve always said we have to learn to be far away from each other to learn how to be together. It’s hard saying goodbye but when it comes for him to come back it’s the best feeling ever!

My boyfriend leaves for about 7 months to another state to work, he sometimes comes once or twice each month depending of time. He drives 10 hours to get to where I am. So it is very hard at times and you also have to be understanding and not demanding as well.


Overall I think from my first post on Long distance I find my self thinking more mature and positive. I don’t know what life will bring us but I am ready.

If you have any questions or been through something similar feel free comment helpful tips, or your experience.

❤ didi


Quick UPDATE !

Hello Beautiful Readers from WordPress.


I feel like this will be another “I’m sorry for not posting anything” posts, and I do apologize, I wanted to post more and show you my recent boughts for the holidays, makeup and DIYs I recently done.

Seriously a lot has happened this year and I get over whelmed and this will be a New Year Resolution to write more on the blog and make it better.

So I recently been obsessing with decorating my new house for the holidays. Our theme this year is Winter Wonderland. We have a tree now, that glitters real pretty. Everything is slowing coming along, except that we don’t have furniture in the living room except for the tree.

So remember when I did a post on long distance relationships ? This was probably one of the firsts posts I did. Well next month it will be our second anniversary. My thoughts? It HARD, TOUGH, EMOTIONAL, HEARTBREAKING, the most overwhelming but at the same time wonderful feeling when I see him. We still have plans with a future, marriage, family…but I’ve decided that I’ll let God decide on that and not worry about that any more.

So one of my goals for next year is going on a trip, I still don’t know where. I kind of want to go to New York, Boston, London, Paris…any suggestions?

Sorry if this is the most boring you’ve ever read before. I have a dentist appointment in a bit so I wanted to write something. I also have off Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off now so more time for blogging.

Thanks for the support ❤ Didi


Long Distance Relationship?

I know I already did a post for today but I found some free time and decided to blog some more. I don’t know I just love to blog and lately it has helped me and motivate me to keep something up.

I just thought of sitting down and writing, most won’t care..but it sure will help me feel better. I guess I’ve been so emotional lately..you know the emotional kind, when you miss someone a lot.

It’s been almost three months since I met this wonderful person who I feel incredible with, someone who I can truly be me and not get shy any more or scare he might not like the real me. I have been in love before and I know how it feels to want to give your all to someone. But this time it’s different, I seriously feel I’ve been with him for 6 months already and we’re almost two months together. He is the most adorable person, the type who sends a text in the morning to let you know he cares and loves you. The one who everyday calls you beautiful, the one who stays up late talking to you, the one who gives you kisses on the forehead, the one who still opens and closes doors for you, the one who still gives roses…the one who says he wants a future with you.

I know every relationship has problems at one point or another…our problem? Distance.
Seriously it sucks to have someone you truly care about be far away and can’t hug them or just be with them any time or day you want.

I guess the reason for my post is if your going through a long distance relationship..or you have, how was it? How did you over come it?
Sometimes I just feel horrible, and fear takes over just imagining that maybe we’re not meant to be together that’s why we’re separated.
At times I feel that we will over come it, and our relationship will get stronger and its all a lesson life has for us.

If your going through this my best advice is: PACIENCE. If you truly love each other you’ll find a way to stay communicated. Technology has helped us a lot, staying together even though we are far way it makes it seem we’re still together even though we’re not physically.

-Send pictures of each other
-Talk on phone
-Say how you feel
-Send letters/things that person likes

Love can over come anything, and if you and your love one has in mind what you guys want…anything is possible.


I don’t know if this made any sense or if I just typed up my feelings. But if it helps anyone I guess that was my point or at least it helped someone out there. I hate distance, but that’s how sometimes you see thing clearer, and take it’s true value of things. Big hugs to everyone who has a long-distance relationship.

xoxo, Didi