Megan(ciaoobelllaxo) | Beauty Guru

Hi guys, it’s been a while since the last post. I guess I haven’t been feeling it my inspiration has left a bit and I don’t want to make posts like that. When I post something I want to give the best I possibly can.
Work is kinda crazy right now and a few other things going on in my life. But I wanted to post about some one who inspires me and I have already posted about some beauty gurus from youtube and today I bring you another one.


She has been doing youtube videos for years now, and I really can’t remember which video was the first one I watched from her. But I do remember watching her and stopped for some reason then found her channel and haven’t stopped since then.

I love her beauty videos, and specially her vlogs. She has a adorable dog ‘greyson’ and she is so pretty and unique in her channel. I feel like I have ton of youtubers that inspire me but are all differnet.

Like any other youtuber Megan has gone through some hate but what I love about her is that she continues to do what she loves and keeps on trying to become better than she already is. I love when I see a notification and it says its a video from ciaoobelllaxo.

Seriously check out her vlogs my favorite I feel that’s more her and I don’t know I feel like I am friends with her after so many years of watching her videos.

Megan’s channel: ciaoobelllaxo

vlog channel: lavitadimeg

instagram: ciaoobelllaxo

<2 didi


Green Makeup | Products

Hi guys! I know it’s been about a week since my last post, I am sorry ! I have honestly been lazy and enjoying my days off. But I have been posting on my instagram which is beautytime101dc if you haven’t checked it out.

Since we’re in the month of March I decided to show you some of the green products I have in my collection it’s not much but I really hope you enjoy! And I also found out I don’t use the products I am about to show you that often so made me realize that I should try new and different things.

So the first product is a press powder from Covergirl which the product itself is not exactly green but the package is. The color does not exactly match me but I do use it to bronze my face. I feel its a really great powder and affordable too.

Another product I have for the face is this correcting palette wheel from Wet n wild. It does have other colors but it has a green one and its a color I use the most. The green color is to correct the red spots and having acne marks this baby really helps me. This is also a drugstore product.

I only included a shadow because the other ones are in palettes and this is a single one. It’s from MAC and it’s called bottle green. I really wanted a color I didn’t own when I ordered it and I felt like it was a gorgeous color for fall and winter. It’s pigmented and around $6.

Two nail polishes one is matte and from pure ice in the color wild thing. I don’t really do my own nails but sometimes I like colorful nails for the summer and so I have this bright green.
The other one is a glitter I usually use it in the fall and winter since it is a little darker. its from sinful colors and I think they are one of the best drug store nail polishes ever, and the color is in call you later.

This is a product that has been in my collection and i still haven’t used but I am thinking of using it for Friday which is St. Patrick’s day or for spring and summer since it’s around the corner. So this is a green mascara from Hard Candy and its called lush green.

And the last item is a liquid lipstick from Colourpop in Mr.G and I haven’t worn it yet. I bought it a couple of months ago and I love all color lipsticks but I didn’t know when or how to wear it but its technically still winter so I might wear it !

Hope you enjoyed ❤ didi


February Favorites | Beauty

Hi good night !
I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend tomorrow is Monday but it will be a great day. Since March is around the corner I decided to dedicate the beauty products I loved in February. I have only a few because I basically still love and use the ones from January so I saw no point of adding them for this month but if you missed it you can read it here.

So these are a few more I love, hopefully next month I find new products I love that I can share with you guys.

I have been using them ever since I got them which are the Kylie Cosmetics lip products I actually got a matte mini but I misplaced it oops. I like that they are gloss but not sticky…I usually just use mattes so it’s nice to wear a different finish. These are in the color Exposed and Literally(mini).

I also got the mini palette from the Valentines Collection in colors love letter and baby. Baby is a really pretty coral pink color which is perfect for coming up seasons and love letter is like a gold shimmer which is to die for and perfect to highlight on the inner corner of the eye. They are pigmented and worth the price !

This mascara I got because of James Charles the Cover Boy, I loved the idea of having a guy as a cover boy, I really like seeing guys doing makeup like Manny MUA which is my fav because they bring something different and fun.
I like the formula better than the brush because it hold my lashes a bit more than others and I really like it for my bottom lashes.

This product I have repurchased for the second time. One of the best concealer, and really affordable. It’s full coverage I like it to clean up my brows when I fill them in or to cover my acne marks or under eye. I have even used it as a base for bright shadows and it works good.

And last I really really like this foundation this is actually the high end foundation I have at the moment I usually have a drugstore for everyday and a higher end for weekends going out, partys, or just whenever I want more coverage. It’s waterproof, full coverage, and matte everything I look in a foundation. I don’t use it that much because I use my cover girl daily but I LOVE this one !

hope you enjoyed, ❤ didi

ps. I am working on a project which I would soon tell !


Highlighter Reviews!

Hi guys, hope you are having a great day. It’s Thursday so almost the weekend is here.

So I wanted to review and share with you the 3 highlighters I have in my makeup collection, I usually use two more but it depends on the look or day since they are different.


There are two drugstore highlighters and one higher end. I use mostly the JCat and L’oreal one the most. I tend to use the Becca x Jacklyn Hill one less but I use it more for special occasions or combine it with the JCat one.



The first one I got was the L’oreal one which I got from my local Walmart about $12 it suppose to be a highlighter and blush.I was expecting more out of it to be honest, but I do really like it for a inner eye glow and also in the cupids bow. Not so much for the cheeks I find that in that area it does looks chalky which is not cute. And I tend using more the side colors more than the pink ones.

The packaging is kinda cute with the rose gold, and I like how it looks just wish the formula was better



The pricey one I bought was the Becca x Jacklyn Hill ‘Champagne Pop’ I saw reviews and a lot of rave so I had to try it out. This products retails for $39 and I got mine at Sephora. I really was debating if I should get it or not. I seriously walked around Sephora for about 30min. At the end I decided to take it with me. I like it, it has a really pretty shimmer to it and its not chalky it really a natural glow.

.I like the quality and package of this product I feel you are getting what you payed for.



The last product is the most recent highlighter I bought which was in December. It’s from JCat and I got mine a local clothing store where I live for only $6.99 and its my favorite one so far ! I love that its so pigmented and you can layer to mae it look more glow or go with something more settle. I totally recommend it.


All the shades I have are different so it works as well whenever I want to change it up. What is your favorite highlight or which one do you recommend me to use next?


❤ didi


Charismastar | Beauty Guru 

Hi guys I wanted to do something different and share with you guys beauty gurus that inspire me. If I’m not on Netflix or preparing my next blogs on here I am watching youtube videos. 

One of my favorite youtubers is Charis Lincoln. I found her channel because I would watch Talia Joyce(RIP) volgs and one day she was watching a video and she was crying and saying that it was beautiful she mentioned it was Charis love story. I decided to watch it and find out. Watching that video changed my life, and that video is one of my favorite ! 

Charis inspired me, made me feel beautiful again I found her when I was going through a really bad break up. Seriously her words are really inspirational. 

She won NYX Face Awards in 2012 and seriously this girl is really creative. That’s another reason why I love her videos, she puts so much effort to her videos and is so unique. And best thing of all she loves Disney like I do. 

She has different videos like Diys, Disney looks, tags, makeup tutorials…and even films with her husband. 

Charis is beautiful inside and out, I totally recommend her channel to anyone. Like I said she is one of my favorites ever!

More on Charis..

Channel: charismastar

Vlog Channel: charismastartv

Instagram: charismastar
I hope you guys like this new segment to my blog, I actually did it before and stopped. Do you have any favorite beauty gurus ? 

💗 didi


Makeup Haul | Recent Purchases

Hi guys, I know I have already post today but I feel it does not count because Valentines Day already past. Plus I’ve been wanting to share with you what I have recently purchased.

This is not to brag or anything, just sharing what I have picked up at the stores and hope you enjoy.

I have bought several lip products and some eye products as well.


This will be just a haul I could do a review if you guys are interested. Let me know what product you would like for me to do a review.


First items are from Hard Candy and from the Trolls movie. I personally haven’t watched it yet but it’s on the list. There are different colors to the collection and a eye shadow palette I believe but this is what I picked up.

I sometimes do peoples makeup and I like to use glitter so I picked these three for only $3 so I thought it was pretty good and it had pretty colors. I have used Hard Candy’s glitter before and I like it so its a plus.


This is in the shade POPPY’S CELEBRATION

Metallic mate lipsticks are also in this collection and I love having different colors for the lips even though they are weird and I might not wear it often but I might like it for a look, Halloween, or I don’t know even eye shadow.



Another product for the eyes is this eye liner from ELF(black) and I always have used liquid so I wanted to give it a try with is formula I have used it a couple of times before but I don’t like the little brush that comes with it I need to buy another one to make the application better.



I feel in love with the color especially for coming up seasons Spring and Summer. Like I said I like to have different shades of lip products because I do like to change it up. I have used it once and I liked the formula its matte but not too matte where its to dry, its moisturizing. And I got the shade 300 LILAC



I’ve been looking for a matte red liquid lipstick and I love the Milani ones, so a few weeks ago I picked this one up(22 AMORE) and I really like it. Its a really good red to have in the collection..it’s a little too bright than what I wanted but still a really pretty shade.



I like nudes its one of my go-to colors lately and I ordered this one from Kylie Cosmetics in the shade EXPOSED and its a gloss which I don’t own any from her collection so I wanted to give it a try and I like the color.


I haven’t tried a Too Faced lip product before but I found this one at Marshal’s for only $6! Its the metal version but its more settle than the Hard Candy one. Its a really pretty pink it has a sheen to it ( Melted Metallic Tu-tu)



I got the Kylie Valentine Collection the Sweet Hear Kit which comes with two shadows and two mini lipsticks. One is a gloss( Literally) and a matte( Dolce K) They are both nudes the matte one is darker.



Last item is this gorgeous mini palette which has two shadows (Love letter & Baby) I love the coral peachy shade which if you know me I love pink and the shimmery one is perfect. I didn’t swatch because I don’t like to swatch until I use it (I know weird me) but I do plan on using it this weekend and expect a review on it!


Thanks for reading and following me. I am trying to give you a great quality of posts!

❤ Didi


January Favorites !

Hi, hope you are having a wonderful day or night. I know I have been behind with my posts, I was suppose to upload more Valentines Day ideas, and did that happen….nope. I actually have all this week off from work which is really great even though I have done nothing, well I’ve been doing errands and things like that but I want to go on a trip.

I know I am 14 days late but I still want to post it, and share what I liked and was using all the time for the month of January. I also plan to upload a haul and the decor of my house for Valentine’s day since I never showed you guys.



These are the products that I used the most in the month of January.


Primer: Milani Foundation: Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous

I like to use primers sometimes and I have been using this one, and I don’t use it all the time. I feel sometimes I am more oily and it does not help all the time. So I am looking for a matte and pore minimizing primer, which one are you using?

For my current drug store foundation I am using this one from Covergirl and I feel like it has good coverage. And you can build it up also which is nice if you want more light days or a fuller coverage. I feel like it sometimes makes me look a little oily and I have to reapply powder or blot but other than that I really like it.


Maybelline: Fit Me Concealer LA Girl: Pro Concealer (orange)

I love the Maybelline concealer I use to use it before and stopped using it but I love the coverage it gives, it lasts a good amount of time. I do have to bake a little so it doesn’t make my under eye lines, but really good quality.

I have medium dark under eye circles, so I tried this correcting one in orange which I use under my eyes or anywhere I have dark spots. I really like it and I want to pick up other colors and I highly recommend it.


J Cat Highlight & Hard Candy Setting Spray

I just love this highlighter, I actually purchased it for Christmas because I needed some eyelash glue which I ran out and I was going to do my makeup, my sisters, my moms, and cousins so I needed eye lash glue. And I was looking at other products and I swatched this highlight and girrrrrrrrrrl let me tell you it was everything! I’ve planned to do a whole review on it so stay tune. It is really affordable and even better than higher end ones.

I sometimes feel my face too oily so I have to set it and I find it lasts more matte without me having to blot a lot. So I picked this up a couple of months ago and I stopped using it during the winter but I am back at it.


Salon Perfect Brow Pomade & DUO lash glue

I have been using this product ever since I started to fill in my brows I really want to try Anastasia products but I am trying to finish products I still have before buying more (really trying). But it is still really good, except I find it a little too dry so I add contact water in it and mix it and it becomes more smooth.

I have also been really into applying lashes and I really like this glue in the dark tone, I have used the white one but I feel this one works best.


Kat Von D(Lovecraft), MAC (Ruby Woo), & Colourpop(Trap & Rooch)

I love lippies its my favorite on makeup. Lately I have been using a lot of reds, Burgundy, and nudes. These have been some of my favorites, the Kat VOn D one is really matte and soft I really like it. The MAC one is my all time favorite red and I am planning on buying another one once I am done with this one, its a staple. And I love coloupop but these have been on my lips lately. I really like a matte lip rather than a glossy lip.



Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour palette & Huda Beauty Eye shadow palette

And the last items are two palettes I have been using lately. The first one is a contour palette, which I use a lot as you can see. Its the only contour palette I have so it does get a lot of love. And I don’t use blush that often so I usually just bronze my cheeks.

The other palette is the Huda Beauty Textured shadows Palette in Rose Gold edition which I did a review on and you can check it out here. My boyfriend actually got it for me and I really like it I tend to go for more natural neutral colors but I love that theres other colors and shimmery ones too.

I really hope you enjoy. I still plan on putting my Valentines day home decor before taking it off. And I am currently buying St. Patrick’s day decor can you believe it?

Good night, Didi ❤