Megan(ciaoobelllaxo) | Beauty Guru

Hi guys, it’s been a while since the last post. I guess I haven’t been feeling it my inspiration has left a bit and I don’t want to make posts like that. When I post something I want to give the best I possibly can.
Work is kinda crazy right now and a few other things going on in my life. But I wanted to post about some one who inspires me and I have already posted about some beauty gurus from youtube and today I bring you another one.


She has been doing youtube videos for years now, and I really can’t remember which video was the first one I watched from her. But I do remember watching her and stopped for some reason then found her channel and haven’t stopped since then.

I love her beauty videos, and specially her vlogs. She has a adorable dog ‘greyson’ and she is so pretty and unique in her channel. I feel like I have ton of youtubers that inspire me but are all differnet.

Like any other youtuber Megan has gone through some hate but what I love about her is that she continues to do what she loves and keeps on trying to become better than she already is. I love when I see a notification and it says its a video from ciaoobelllaxo.

Seriously check out her vlogs my favorite I feel that’s more her and I don’t know I feel like I am friends with her after so many years of watching her videos.

Megan’s channel: ciaoobelllaxo

vlog channel: lavitadimeg

instagram: ciaoobelllaxo

<2 didi


Belinda Selene | Beauty Guru

Hi and happy Sunday!
Hope all you guys are having a wonderful end of your weekend. I am getting ready for a movie night with my sisters. We got a bunch of junk food and we’re planning on watching Netflix.
For today I have a beauty guru that inspires me, which is great to post today because we all need sometimes a little motivation. For me Belinda Selene is one of my creativity and beauty inspiration.



She started making youtube videos back in October 2011. I remember going on youtube and searching something with room decor. And I came across Belinda Selene Home Decor DIY video about four-three years ago. To be honest I stopped watching her and later came across maybe two years ago again and I fell in love with her and I haven’t stopped watching since.


I love how creative she is, when you watch a video from her you can see the effort she puts when filming. I love her DIYS, hacks, and home decor. She also makes beauty videos like makeup and ootd’s (Outfit of the day).

Belinda also has a vlog channel where she takes her camera and shows around what she does or for a vacation and concerts. She is a Disney fan as me so that is a plus. ๐Ÿ™‚


Belinda also loves to stay organized and has videos on how to decorate planners. She is also a beauty ambassador of Wet n Wild and right now for Revlon. This girl can do everything ! I feel she is a true inspiration for every girl to show that hard work can pay off sooner or later.

She also shared ideas for wedding when she was planning for hers which are great ideas that I’m sure going to use!


Of course I recommend her! If you want to see someone new on youtube and you haven’t seen Belinda go over youtube right now and search for Belinda Selene!

Youtube channel: Belinda Selene

Vlog Channel: BelindasLife

Instagram: Belinda Selene

Instagram (planner): planwithbelinda

Blog: http://www.belindaselene.com

Snap Chat: belindaselene

โค Didi



Growing up | jounaling

Hi guys happy Wednesday !
Hope you guys are having a wonderful day, today I returned to work after a week of vacation.

So for tonight I decided to sit down and just write. I have always been the type of person who likes to write. You know its either the person who loves Math or English…I was always the English type but I like more free writing where grammar and rules are not important.


For today I wanted to write about growing up. Like seriously when did I grew up? I think about it more lately. I think more about my future, I have bills, responsibilities, other things to buy other than clothes and makeup how I use to.

I think about marriage, kids, birth control, my future business, my relationship with my boyfriend, and how in two years I’ll be planning my little sisters quinceanera.

WOW time flies. But I decided to live life. It sounds weird because every single day we live life but I mean wake up with a smile not grumpy, being grateful for he little things, having adventures…something that I really want to do is travel. I want to see the world, Paris, Italy, London, Rome, New York, Miami, the Mississippi River, Los Cabos, Canada, Hawaii, etc, etc ! โค Just writing about them makes me all excited.

I feel beyond grateful with the life I have and what I went through as a kid which was not easy it wasn’t the worst but it was hard for me. My parents divorce, my grandpa passing away, trying to fit in, being insecure was a big part.

Growing up does not have to be all bad, we just need to accept that we have more responsibilities, think about doing something twice before doing, and always think about the consequences it might bring our future.

I love doing these types of posts, not only am I interested in fashion and makeup but I love journalism I feel like Carrie Bradshaw(from Sex in the City). I hope you guys enjoy them too as much as I like writing them, it inspires and distresses me I like to write as in therapy. I totally recommend it !

If you enjoyed this or like personal posts feel free to let me know or like depending on the results I’ll make more.

Good night! โค didi





How I stay organized | Didi’s Life

Hi guys, hope you had a awesome weekend. For me this weekend (mostly Saturday), was simply special. I got Saturday off from work, so my boyfriend and me got to spend all day together, We went bowling and to a Zoo but it was like a park too, with a big lake where we got on like little boats and you have to peddle to make it move(sorry I don’t know what they are called).
We were suppose to go to Disney but we had to change plans, and he’ll be leaving for work again out of state, so maybe Disney won’t happen this year.

I had plans to post different things. So maybe I wont even follow the schedule I said I was going to use. But I do want to do two different posts today.

Have you ever been short of money and don’t know where it all went? ย Or you stress a lot on knowing what you have to do on your days of?

I want to talk about the importance to journal or having a agenda.


This is something I have learned through my first year on my very first job. Staying organized is very important. With a new job, new responsibilities came along. For example a new car, and getting a new house with my mom.

I love going shopping, and going home decor shopping since we got a new house. At first when I got my job it was okay to spend my money on what ever. But I also gave my mom money for what ever she needed it on….she wanted to teach me the value of hard working and paying for things we needed.

Now that we have a new house and my car, I found myself very stressful and without money for my second week since I get payed every second week. I had bought too many things I didn’t needed and less of what I actually needed.

I want to share a few tips and show you what I found helpful…


Since I was in college I loved to have a agenda with me, to write down important dates, when assignments were due, etc. Now that I don’t go to school anymore, I find it still helpful to have an agenda or a calendar around.
In the agenda/calendar I like to write down when the assurance for my car is due, payments for my cellphone, house(since I help my mom pay for the house), and any other payments I might have that month or when I spend money for doctors, or anything I splurge on. And I also have a note card with the amount I pay each time for my car and how much I still owe. Just to see for my next paycheck how much I want to give, and to lower what I still owe.

There is so many agendas that varies price and design..I’ve seen some from Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart, so you can pretty much get them anywhere.


I love journaling more for a personal use, I normally use it for writing down ideas, goals, important things I don’t want to forget.
You can also use it to get organized, I use it to keep track of what I have already written in my blog so I don’t repeat things or change it up.


Something that my best friend taught me to not want to do everything with one check because it is stressful. I found myself wanting to do everything with one check and at the end I was left with no money. So it’s best to organize yourself what you’ll be doing with each check.

For example with this check I paid house, car, went to the Dr, and saved money. And next check I’ll be going to the dentist, eye Dr, and I’ll be buying Valentine’s day gifts(boyfriends and little things for my mom and sisters), and my sister’s birthday gift.
*Another great thing to do is save money as little or a lot, you’ll never know when you’ll need it. And its not always only saving money you also have to enjoy it.


Hope you enjoyed and found it helpful! โค Didi


Long Distance Relationship?

I know I already did a post for today but I found some free time and decided to blog some more. I don’t know I just love to blog and lately it has helped me and motivate me to keep something up.

I just thought of sitting down and writing, most won’t care..but it sure will help me feel better. I guess I’ve been so emotional lately..you know the emotional kind, when you miss someone a lot.

It’s been almost three months sinceย I met this wonderful person who I feel incredible with, someone who I can truly be me and not get shy any more or scare he might not like the real me. I have been in love before and I know how it feels to want to give your all to someone. But this time it’s different, I seriously feel I’ve been with him for 6 months already and we’re almost two months together. He is the most adorable person, the type who sends a text in the morning to let you know he cares and loves you. The one who everyday calls you beautiful, the one who stays up late talking to you, the one who gives you kisses on the forehead, the one who still opens and closes doors for you, the one who still gives roses…the one who says he wants a future with you.

I know every relationship has problems at one point or another…our problem? Distance.
Seriously it sucks to have someone you truly care about be far away and can’t hug them or just be with them any time or day you want.

I guess the reason for my post is if your going through a long distance relationship..or you have, how was it? How did you over come it?
Sometimes I just feel horrible, and fear takes over just imagining that maybe we’re not meant to be together that’s why we’re separated.
At times I feel that we will over come it, and our relationship will get stronger and its all a lesson life has for us.

If your going through this my best advice is: PACIENCE. If you truly love each other you’ll find a way to stay communicated. Technology has helped us a lot, staying together even though we are far way it makes it seem we’re still together even though we’re not physically.

-Send pictures of each other
-Talk on phone
-Say how you feel
-Send letters/things that person likes

Love can over come anything, and if you and your love one has in mind what you guys want…anything is possible.


I don’t know if this made any sense or if I just typed up my feelings. But if it helps anyone I guess that was my point or at least it helped someone out there. I hate distance, but that’s how sometimes you see thing clearer, and take it’s true value of things. Big hugs to everyone who has a long-distance relationship.

xoxo, Didi



Beauty Guru of the Month

Hello, hope you guys are having a wonderful Tusday!
This was meant to be posted last month, and totally remembered today haha !
Well I decided to start early and post this month’s Beauty Guru of the Month, if your new to my blog each month I pick beauty guru’s from youtube, they are talented girls that I watch and recommend to you. I did a few last year if you want to check it out. I also put their youtube channel name, facebook, and Instagram if you become obsessed like me and want to follow them.



Promise Phan is incredibly popular YouTube channels dope2111 and Promise21111. She posted her first video on January 12, 2010. She is known for transforming into different people or characters, and scary enough she does look like every one of them. She’s so creative, beautiful, talented, funny, seems like a really nice, respectful person. She does several tag videos and it’s just fun to watch her videos. ย And if you know who is Michelle Phan, well Promise Phan happens to be her sister-in-law.

Youtube channels: dope2111
promise phan
Instagram: promidetamang
Facebook: Promise Tamang


Motivation !

So I don’t know about you guys but I always have a hard time starting a diet and working out. I love food, specially the ones that aren’t that healthy. But recently my Dr. told me for my health I should loose some weight not that I was super over weight but that I will feel better and its good for me.
So it’s been almost two months and I lost 10 lbs, I know it’s not that much but I’m getting closer to my goal :)It’s hard to start eating healthy but if you have in mind that’s for your own good its a bit easier. Know I got use to eating better, eating more fruits and veggies, also lots of water!
I got even more motivated to keep on having this life style of eating better and working out by looking at last years pictures or even some months ago…seriously I don’t want to go back to that. I feel more confident, and my cloths fit better. I use also get bored doing regular sit ups, push ups andย  that was some of the reasons why Iย  always quited, but I saw Tiffany Routh workouts on youtube and loved it. It goes by fast, their fun, and totally recommend them.
I also looked up some celebrities who gained a few pounds and then lost some and look great.
Hope you get motivated, inspired if your going through the same thing.ย  Hope you enjoyed !
โค, Didi