L’oreal’s Infallible Total Cover Foundation| Review

Hi guys, I know it’s been forever since my last time here. Let’s say I honestly lost my inspiration, and that sometimes happen. But today I made time to do a quick review on this foundation that I just emptied, and by the way I am so much more active on instagram: beautytime101dc

L’oreal has different foundations, and I love matte foundations so I was really drawn to this one. It says it last for 24 hrs, full coverage, and weightless feel.

I got my foundation from my local wal-mart store for about $10.00 I believe and I really had high hopes because I love a matte, full coverage foundation because I have some acne marks on my cheeks and some dark spots so I like to cover them up.


My skin is oily in some spots of my face, so I bake and spray my face to set it always no mater what foundation I use. With this foundation I feel it made me look extra oily and my face heavy at the end of the day. I work 8-10 hours a day and I have my makeup on for about 11 hours or so, and at first I hated it and stopped using it. Then I decided to give it another shot, because it had decent coverage  but this time mixed it with another foundation since I noticed it was a little too light for my skin. The next time I notice I started to break out, but I still don’t know the reason if its hormonal, stress, my dirty brushes(yes I was being lazy but finally cleaned them today).


My personal opinion I didn’t like it, it was not that bad but not my favorite. I have tried better foundations, but it would work better for people that don’t have oily skin, or just set it properly because I did noticed it lasted longer when I baked and used setting spray. Also when squeezing the makeup out from tube it looked like when you squeeze out old makeup I don’t know if that makes sense or if you’ve done it before but it looked dried out and stuck together if it makes any sense.I also think that there are better drugstore foundations! I also feel there are way more light shades in the collection.

Rate: ***/*****



Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | Review

Hi guys, so I currently thinking about new posts to write and just get back on track with my  blog since having a 11 hr shift is basically my life right now.

So I recently got two new palettes, one of them is an oldie but kind of recent. I believe it was out a couple of months back and everyone was talking about it.



Too Faced, Sweet Peach palette retails for $49 on the website and Sephora. It is pricey if you ask me but if your like me that its rare that you buy expensive make up or high end eye shadow palettes, then once in a while does not hurt.

There are 18 super pigmented shadows, which some are shimmer and matte. I love the idea of the packaging and the color scheme, Too Faced seriously rocked it! There are other products for this peach collection like lip glosses and blush palette, and I recently saw that they might come out with more peach products.

Another interesting thing is that it literally smells like peaches, so every time I do my makeup I stop for a second to smell the palette.

I really hope you enjoy, and bear with me I want to update this blog and make it better. So its going to go through some changes. But if you want more reviews like this please like.

❤ didi

instagram: beautytime101dc


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Green Makeup | Products

Hi guys! I know it’s been about a week since my last post, I am sorry ! I have honestly been lazy and enjoying my days off. But I have been posting on my instagram which is beautytime101dc if you haven’t checked it out.

Since we’re in the month of March I decided to show you some of the green products I have in my collection it’s not much but I really hope you enjoy! And I also found out I don’t use the products I am about to show you that often so made me realize that I should try new and different things.

So the first product is a press powder from Covergirl which the product itself is not exactly green but the package is. The color does not exactly match me but I do use it to bronze my face. I feel its a really great powder and affordable too.

Another product I have for the face is this correcting palette wheel from Wet n wild. It does have other colors but it has a green one and its a color I use the most. The green color is to correct the red spots and having acne marks this baby really helps me. This is also a drugstore product.

I only included a shadow because the other ones are in palettes and this is a single one. It’s from MAC and it’s called bottle green. I really wanted a color I didn’t own when I ordered it and I felt like it was a gorgeous color for fall and winter. It’s pigmented and around $6.

Two nail polishes one is matte and from pure ice in the color wild thing. I don’t really do my own nails but sometimes I like colorful nails for the summer and so I have this bright green.
The other one is a glitter I usually use it in the fall and winter since it is a little darker. its from sinful colors and I think they are one of the best drug store nail polishes ever, and the color is in call you later.

This is a product that has been in my collection and i still haven’t used but I am thinking of using it for Friday which is St. Patrick’s day or for spring and summer since it’s around the corner. So this is a green mascara from Hard Candy and its called lush green.

And the last item is a liquid lipstick from Colourpop in Mr.G and I haven’t worn it yet. I bought it a couple of months ago and I love all color lipsticks but I didn’t know when or how to wear it but its technically still winter so I might wear it !

Hope you enjoyed ❤ didi


February Favorites | Beauty

Hi good night !
I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend tomorrow is Monday but it will be a great day. Since March is around the corner I decided to dedicate the beauty products I loved in February. I have only a few because I basically still love and use the ones from January so I saw no point of adding them for this month but if you missed it you can read it here.

So these are a few more I love, hopefully next month I find new products I love that I can share with you guys.

I have been using them ever since I got them which are the Kylie Cosmetics lip products I actually got a matte mini but I misplaced it oops. I like that they are gloss but not sticky…I usually just use mattes so it’s nice to wear a different finish. These are in the color Exposed and Literally(mini).

I also got the mini palette from the Valentines Collection in colors love letter and baby. Baby is a really pretty coral pink color which is perfect for coming up seasons and love letter is like a gold shimmer which is to die for and perfect to highlight on the inner corner of the eye. They are pigmented and worth the price !

This mascara I got because of James Charles the Cover Boy, I loved the idea of having a guy as a cover boy, I really like seeing guys doing makeup like Manny MUA which is my fav because they bring something different and fun.
I like the formula better than the brush because it hold my lashes a bit more than others and I really like it for my bottom lashes.

This product I have repurchased for the second time. One of the best concealer, and really affordable. It’s full coverage I like it to clean up my brows when I fill them in or to cover my acne marks or under eye. I have even used it as a base for bright shadows and it works good.

And last I really really like this foundation this is actually the high end foundation I have at the moment I usually have a drugstore for everyday and a higher end for weekends going out, partys, or just whenever I want more coverage. It’s waterproof, full coverage, and matte everything I look in a foundation. I don’t use it that much because I use my cover girl daily but I LOVE this one !

hope you enjoyed, ❤ didi

ps. I am working on a project which I would soon tell !


Highlighter Reviews!

Hi guys, hope you are having a great day. It’s Thursday so almost the weekend is here.

So I wanted to review and share with you the 3 highlighters I have in my makeup collection, I usually use two more but it depends on the look or day since they are different.


There are two drugstore highlighters and one higher end. I use mostly the JCat and L’oreal one the most. I tend to use the Becca x Jacklyn Hill one less but I use it more for special occasions or combine it with the JCat one.



The first one I got was the L’oreal one which I got from my local Walmart about $12 it suppose to be a highlighter and blush.I was expecting more out of it to be honest, but I do really like it for a inner eye glow and also in the cupids bow. Not so much for the cheeks I find that in that area it does looks chalky which is not cute. And I tend using more the side colors more than the pink ones.

The packaging is kinda cute with the rose gold, and I like how it looks just wish the formula was better



The pricey one I bought was the Becca x Jacklyn Hill ‘Champagne Pop’ I saw reviews and a lot of rave so I had to try it out. This products retails for $39 and I got mine at Sephora. I really was debating if I should get it or not. I seriously walked around Sephora for about 30min. At the end I decided to take it with me. I like it, it has a really pretty shimmer to it and its not chalky it really a natural glow.

.I like the quality and package of this product I feel you are getting what you payed for.



The last product is the most recent highlighter I bought which was in December. It’s from JCat and I got mine a local clothing store where I live for only $6.99 and its my favorite one so far ! I love that its so pigmented and you can layer to mae it look more glow or go with something more settle. I totally recommend it.


All the shades I have are different so it works as well whenever I want to change it up. What is your favorite highlight or which one do you recommend me to use next?


❤ didi


Makeup Haul | Recent Purchases

Hi guys, I know I have already post today but I feel it does not count because Valentines Day already past. Plus I’ve been wanting to share with you what I have recently purchased.

This is not to brag or anything, just sharing what I have picked up at the stores and hope you enjoy.

I have bought several lip products and some eye products as well.


This will be just a haul I could do a review if you guys are interested. Let me know what product you would like for me to do a review.


First items are from Hard Candy and from the Trolls movie. I personally haven’t watched it yet but it’s on the list. There are different colors to the collection and a eye shadow palette I believe but this is what I picked up.

I sometimes do peoples makeup and I like to use glitter so I picked these three for only $3 so I thought it was pretty good and it had pretty colors. I have used Hard Candy’s glitter before and I like it so its a plus.


This is in the shade POPPY’S CELEBRATION

Metallic mate lipsticks are also in this collection and I love having different colors for the lips even though they are weird and I might not wear it often but I might like it for a look, Halloween, or I don’t know even eye shadow.



Another product for the eyes is this eye liner from ELF(black) and I always have used liquid so I wanted to give it a try with is formula I have used it a couple of times before but I don’t like the little brush that comes with it I need to buy another one to make the application better.



I feel in love with the color especially for coming up seasons Spring and Summer. Like I said I like to have different shades of lip products because I do like to change it up. I have used it once and I liked the formula its matte but not too matte where its to dry, its moisturizing. And I got the shade 300 LILAC



I’ve been looking for a matte red liquid lipstick and I love the Milani ones, so a few weeks ago I picked this one up(22 AMORE) and I really like it. Its a really good red to have in the collection..it’s a little too bright than what I wanted but still a really pretty shade.



I like nudes its one of my go-to colors lately and I ordered this one from Kylie Cosmetics in the shade EXPOSED and its a gloss which I don’t own any from her collection so I wanted to give it a try and I like the color.


I haven’t tried a Too Faced lip product before but I found this one at Marshal’s for only $6! Its the metal version but its more settle than the Hard Candy one. Its a really pretty pink it has a sheen to it ( Melted Metallic Tu-tu)



I got the Kylie Valentine Collection the Sweet Hear Kit which comes with two shadows and two mini lipsticks. One is a gloss( Literally) and a matte( Dolce K) They are both nudes the matte one is darker.



Last item is this gorgeous mini palette which has two shadows (Love letter & Baby) I love the coral peachy shade which if you know me I love pink and the shimmery one is perfect. I didn’t swatch because I don’t like to swatch until I use it (I know weird me) but I do plan on using it this weekend and expect a review on it!


Thanks for reading and following me. I am trying to give you a great quality of posts!

❤ Didi


Valentines Day| Home Decor

I know I know, I’m like a day late but I still wanted to share with you my ideas and how I decorated this year for Valentines and give you my tips and tricks on ow to decorate for the holidays.

I usually decorate the entrance table and the dinning/kitchen since we still don’t have anything in the living room.



Everything is very affordable, I don’t tend to spend a lot of money on decor only if I see something really cute and know I can’t get it cheaper or if I can’t DIY it. For every season/holiday I change it up, I actually showed you guys my Christmas decor, and you can check it out here if you haven’t.

For the sides of the table I added a pink vase (Target) with white flowers I didn’t want to add more pink or red so white was the best option. And the other side I got this xoxo sign (Walmart) because I wanted to add something red. The Be mine plate(target) added more to it, I didn’t know what more to add but I thought it looked cute.


For more cuteness I added this cute little bear(Family Dollar), I love candles so I bought this one(Family Dollar) which goes with the theme so well. And my mom bought this heart rock(Dollar tree) which added a little more to the table.


The last thing from the entrance table, I actually made my self and feel really proud. I had already all the materials at home. This is Styrofoam and I just added paint got and idea on the font on Pinterest and just drew it and added some wire to hang it up and ta-da!



My favorite part was the dinning table, it looked so pretty. Table mates (Dollar tree) which were heart shaped made it look so festive. We already had the clothed napkins(Big Lots) which we used for Christmas deco but it went good with the combination. The glasses(Dollar tree) we also got from the Christmas decoration.


The flowers are part of my birthday gift but it went so good with the table decoration so I left it was a center piece. And always I have a candle and I believe it was from bath and body works.


And the banner you see on the background(Target) I loved and thinking about putting it in my room now because I love pink if you haven’t noticed. I usually always have a banner as well as I change the decoration. Just adds something else to it.



The last few things are in the kitchen, I wanted to add a little more and I added this love sign (target) which I really liked and a little puppy (dollar tree), I already had the glass heart shaped(walmart) which was from my quinceanera…s I added some candy and the pink one(dollar tree)I also had and I added some little things that smell good(sorry don’t know the name). All of this is in a corner of the kitchen facing the dining table.

I also like adding the kitchen towels as deco, and the first one is from dollar tree, and the other two from target.


  1. Check out stores like Dollar tree, and family dollar they have inexpensive decorations.
  2. You can also make some decorations and it can be cheaper.
  3. you don’t have to put a lot of things just things here and there.
  4. Be creative, check out pinterest for ideas.
  5. I like to get the table mates from dollar tree and some of the decoration.
  6. Check out Big Lots too!
  7. ALWAYS check out the dollar spot at target!



Hope you enjoyed ❤ Didi