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Hi guys! I know it’s been about a week since my last post, I am sorry ! I have honestly been lazy and enjoying my days off. But I have been posting on my instagram which is beautytime101dc if you haven’t checked it out.

Since we’re in the month of March I decided to show you some of the green products I have in my collection it’s not much but I really hope you enjoy! And I also found out I don’t use the products I am about to show you that often so made me realize that I should try new and different things.

So the first product is a press powder from Covergirl which the product itself is not exactly green but the package is. The color does not exactly match me but I do use it to bronze my face. I feel its a really great powder and affordable too.

Another product I have for the face is this correcting palette wheel from Wet n wild. It does have other colors but it has a green one and its a color I use the most. The green color is to correct the red spots and having acne marks this baby really helps me. This is also a drugstore product.

I only included a shadow because the other ones are in palettes and this is a single one. It’s from MAC and it’s called bottle green. I really wanted a color I didn’t own when I ordered it and I felt like it was a gorgeous color for fall and winter. It’s pigmented and around $6.

Two nail polishes one is matte and from pure ice in the color wild thing. I don’t really do my own nails but sometimes I like colorful nails for the summer and so I have this bright green.
The other one is a glitter I usually use it in the fall and winter since it is a little darker. its from sinful colors and I think they are one of the best drug store nail polishes ever, and the color is in call you later.

This is a product that has been in my collection and i still haven’t used but I am thinking of using it for Friday which is St. Patrick’s day or for spring and summer since it’s around the corner. So this is a green mascara from Hard Candy and its called lush green.

And the last item is a liquid lipstick from Colourpop in Mr.G and I haven’t worn it yet. I bought it a couple of months ago and I love all color lipsticks but I didn’t know when or how to wear it but its technically still winter so I might wear it !

Hope you enjoyed ❤ didi


ELF’s HD Powder | Item to Try

Hello fellow readers from WordPress.

So today is like my Sunday, but I got an extra day off which is great. Three days off instead of two !

But now as I am an “adult” I have adult things to do like errands and going to the doctor, which is what I did this morning. And I got there before 8am so I can be one of the first ones and the doctor got there almost 10am.

But anyways to the topic of today is a Item to try, I see that this is a popular topic in my blog. And I have a few from months ago if you guys want to check it out. (my recent ones: Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, Colourpop: Mr. G, Hard Candy’s correcting concealer, LA Girl Liquid Lipsticks)

I like using powder when setting my foundation, not only to make it last longer and have that matte feeling, but also because I have oily skin. And I like a good powder that I don’t need to retouch every hour or so.


I found the ELF HD Powder at my local Walmart for about $6, and what caught my attention was that it has been compared to the Makeup Forever HD setting powder. I usually like to try a certain product from the drug store, then make my way up to higher end.

I personally haven’t had the chance to try any Makeup Forever makeup yet, but the powder is on my list.

I like this powder for setting my under eyes, setting my foundation, and baking. Baking has becoming a trend and I like to bake especially in areas where I get more oily or places I highlight…and also if I have an event that I need more glam.


The powder comes in three different shades, pink, yellow, and sheer one. I have only used the sheer one but I would like the try out the rest.

I have bought this product twice already so I believe I can give you a better review.

I like the feeling of the powder on my face, it feels silky and soft. Good packing, great price for such a good product that I would re-purchase. I really don’t use the cushion that comes with it I usually use a flat top brush to set my makeup. The only thing I don’t like from this product is that I wish it had a bit more product. I usually run fast on it, maybe a month or month and a half depending on my makeup.

Rate: 10/10

I recommend it honestly, Elf has great products and really affordable. I have seen dupes from higher end products that Elf has. So next time your on the look for a new setting powder check this one out!

I’m on the search for a new powder my second Elf HD run out again, any suggestions?

Have a wonderful Monday ❤ Didi


Item to try/Review: FLOWER shadow cream| beautytime101

Good night, or day where you might be at this time when you read it.
I hope you guys have a great day/night.

Well today I have another Item to Try, it’s been a while since I made one so I decided to make a simple short one for today.
By the way if you seen my previous mini-Disney series I did for tips and OOTD you know I was super duper excited for that trip and I just got back and I have to say, DISNEY YOU ROCK ! The new parade and firework show gets even better each time, if you have the opportunity check that out 🙂

11390310_851516894904167_8133198274248142220_nAnyway back to the post, I’m doing a Item to try/ review for the Flower Color Play cream eye shadow ( CE3 Wild Geranium). I got this product a couple weeks ago and used it twice already. With this type of product you don’t really need eye shadow primer.

11391351_851517008237489_2278430356933111638_nThe packaging in my opinion is cute, seems a bit like the Maybelline Color Tattoo. It has a square shape with a white cap. The shadow is creamy and smooth, really easy to use with a finger and bendable.

11391455_851517238237466_6242995026624560748_nI didn’t have great lighting so I apologize but the color is a pink/champagne sparkly color. I think its a gorgeous color for all year round. It can be used as a inner eye shadow also.


  • Great pigmentation
  • Lasts long
  • Bendable
  • Worth the price
  • Don’t need brushes

I give it a 8.5/10, I really liked it and think many of you will too. It’s something fun and different I added to my makeup collection. Plus a color that is kind of neutral that you can use everyday year round.

Hope you enjoyed!

xoox, Didi


What to take to Disney/Tips |beautytime101

Hello! Here’s another quick post on what I’ll be taking while I’m at Disneyland. I’ve gone several times now, so hopefully my tips help you whether you’re also going to Disney or other theme park.

This is pretty much what I’ll be taking I’ll maybe add some bottles of water, granola bars, and some kind of snacks that you can eat while you’re in line. Plus it will save some money if you bring that from home, and you can also take food, or ice coolers if you wish or leave the park to somewhere else.


This is the backpack I’ll be taking. I suggest taking a small to medium backpack to take and put all the things you need. Or a side body bag will work also, try and have more than one backpack if you’re going in a group or with family it’s not that heavy. Or take turns carrying the bags.
This year we’re taking two backpacks, one with snacks, waters, sweaters, and one with things we need like what I’m about to show you.


My backpack is a black Coach backpack my mom actually bought it for me for this past year of school. We got it at Marshals and at a decent price.
It’s a medium bag and all my necessities fitted. And there was room for my sweater which I like so I don’t have to carry it or have it on if I feel a little hot. ( I got a random sweater but I’m actually taking my Frozen sweater) I’m also thinking of taking pair of black leggings, because I’m thinking about taking shorts and just if it gets a bit chilly plus leggings are thin and don’t take a lot of space.


Inside I gathered things I know I will need throughout the day like lotion, sunscreen, perfume, toothbrush and case, contact and sunglasses case, and wallet. I will be leaving around 2am so we can arrive before they open the park like 7 am, so I also need to take my makeup. I practically taking the makeup products that were in my previous post Disney/theme park makeup idea and trying to not take a lot of products specially to keep the look simple and not overdone.

Some tips:

  • Before packing make a list of things you’ll really need.
  • Try and take hand sanitizer just in case you can’t wash your hands or want to take a quick snack in line.
  • Try and take smaller sized things like a mini lotion, wallet, perfume, etc. so it will take less space.
  • Take some bottles of water and snacks (granola bars, nuts, gum, cookies, etc.) if you get hungry while waiting in line plus it will save you some money.
    • You can take ice coolers and food inside the park!
  • Try and go to gift shops/stores when you’re leaving the parks or right when you arrive so you don’t miss out on shows and other activities of the park.

Hope you find this helpful weather you are going to Disneyland parks, or any theme park I think it’s helpful to know things like this. Just investigate about taking food because that might change in different parks.

Have a wonderful weekend, and let me know which is you favorite theme park? J

Ps. After this Disney post I’ll have an my OOTD and once I get back I’ll let you know about my trip.

Xoxo, Didi


FLOWER Lipstick Item to Try/Review| beautytime101

Gooooood Morning ! 🙂
Happy Wednesday, hope your having a great week and that today will be one of the best days of your life. Today’s post is another item to try.


I got this lipstick a few weeks ago, like three. And I’ve used it about four times, and I decided to do a Item to try/ review.
What got my attentions is the packaging, it’s different from any other drugstore lipsticks tubes you’ve seen. I thought it was cute, with the gold details.


Another thing that got my attention was the color of the lipstick. I adore bright lipsticks, my eyes always go to them. I like to wear them from spring/summer and I thought this will be a perfect shade.

11222020_841898282532695_8399075318746321831_n 11258000_841898532532670_5524520607238453517_n

  • Pros: It’s a pretty color. Pretty good amount of pigmentation.
  • Cons: A bit drying for my liking. You need to have really smooth lips or else you will get that dry cracking lips look.

Overall I expected a little more, it’s not one of my favorite lipsticks. I loved the color but I thinks there’s better ones in my opinion, but it’s still good to have in a makeup collection.


xoxo, Didi ❤


Haul | beautytime101

Good nite ! Or Morning, where ever you are, and whatever day it is or whenever you read this. I just want you wish you the best day ever! Happy Friday almost Saturday ❤
Right now its currently 10:18 on a Friday night and I have here a few of current new makeup itmes to my collection. If you want to know more about a specific item, comment and I’ll sure do a review 🙂




Milani- Face Powder


ELF- Blush

11011747_840320896023767_2764678605046598053_n 11138591_840320929357097_7415128550574900407_n

ELF- BB Cream

                                  11200597_840320802690443_3322091850108919217_n 11205972_840320852690438_3038498787112092102_n



L’OREAL- Lipstick


Hard Candy- Shimmer Shadow Primer


Covergirl- Outlast Lipstains

xoxo, Didi


April Favorites | beautytime101

Hello! I wish every one of you is having a great day…here’s today’s post and I know I didn’t do the past month of April and probably March favorites.

This time I schedule a few minutes to make this May favorites for you guys. Maybe some products you have seen in previous posts I have made, like the foundation and concealer.

I have a few items since I haven’t gotten any new items, I recently got some new makeup and eyelash grower. But that’s still in the process so I can give you a better review.

11109197_839240706131786_5196608948581087283_nApril Favorites

Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous concealer
Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick
Maybelline Fit Me matte+poreless foundation
Covergirl nail polish (color unknown?)

11143219_839240746131782_1752482967241652161_n      11049454_839240779465112_5305845772712552167_n

xoxo, Didi ❤