St. Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas| OOTD

Hi guys, hope your week is going well. For me I’m enjoying my last few hours of my day off. I went to the dentist, did a little shopping, and came home and have been on Polyvore. Seriously where has that app been all my life?

If you love being creative and making outfits/home decor this app is for you! You can enter groups and they have challenges going on.

Something I like from this app it tells you where everything is from and how much, I will leave the information at the end.

Since St. Patrick’s day is in a few weeks I came up with two outfit ideas. One full on spirit and the other more a classic glam.

For the left as you can see it is very holidaish. I searched for a green tutu, and a cute shirt that will match with the skirt. I paired them with converse so its comfy, and a head band with a little green hat. And I found this really cute and unique pot of gold bag. I like this idea for like school spirit day. Of course there’s dress code and maybe wear a little sweater on top.

The outfit is more for going out or maybe for work. Everyone has a black dress so its really easy and simple. I then added green heels and a green clutch so you give it a touch of green and no one will be pinching you. Last a gold necklace i picked this one because it remind me of the gold coins.

hope you enjoy ! ❤ Didi

First outfit:

Tutu: Jastore girls layered star sequins tutu skirt amazon.com $12

Shirt: Rosie Assoulin Checked cropped top matchesfashion.com $995

Shoes: Converse $55

St. Patricks day Leprechaun Had head ban belk.com $11

Bag: Pot of gold handbag target.com $10

Second outfit:

Dress: black Armanis leeveless tessabit.com $652

Shoes: Nine West green suede zappos.com $81

Clutch: Karen Millen Leather and suade johnlewis.com $120

Necklace: Orit Elhana diamond and yellow-gold matchesfashion.com $5,635



The Carrie Diaries | Review

Hi, goodnight and Happy Monday!

Today I’ll bring this review of the TV show The Carrie Diaries, which aired in 2013 and I guess I was super late but I saw it was on Netflix and I love girly-fashion things so I gave it a try.


If you’ve seen Sex in the City you’ll be familiar with the main character, Carrie Bradshaw. But this time she is a teenager, going to high school, dealing with her mother’s death, love, sex, friendship and the transition from teenager to adult life.



I think they couldn’t have picked a better actress to play Carrie. I love Ann Sophia, which Sarah Jessica Parker plays the older version. I remember being younger and wanting to watch Sex in the City but I thought it was not appropriate for me so I never really watched it, but this is a fun version that girls can watch, and parents will be okay.


I seriously fell in love with the characters..and I also like that they made real life events that we all go through in high school, even though it was suppose to be the 1980’s. Another thing I liked is that friendship was a big part of it and family. It made it very watchable, nothing boring. And of course if you know Carrie you know fashion was always on point ! Carrie will always be wearing these weird but super cute outfits.

Win Some, Lose Some

If your familiar with the original show, you also know Samantha Jones, which is one of Carries friends. And she come out in season 2 I believe, and wow that girl that played Samantha looks so much like her!

Of course love plays a part and the first love of Carrie which is Sebastian Kidd (Austin Butler, yeees as in Austin Vanessa Hudgens boyfriend) He is ADORABLE !!

Overall I really enjoyed the TV show just that it was too short only two seasons,with 13 episodes I believe, and I didn’t like the ending not one bit so it really disappoint I was expecting more.

*It’s on NETFLIX ( 2 seasons)

Trailer ( first season)

Comedy Romance

Rate: 7.5/10

Like I said I enjoyed watching it but the ending made me not rate it higher, I recommend it a lot I feel every one will enjoy it especially if your a Sex in the City person, or fashion lover.

I have never been to New York but seeing the show made me want to go.

Thanks Didi


I’m on YOUTUBE !

Hello everyone !

So today I want to share with you guys that I have finally made a youtube channel ! I am so excited and anxious to see where this will be like. And I hope you all go on this journey with me !

I have always, since a young age been into filming home videos and editing them myself. I been loving doing hair and makeup since little too. I remember doing my sister’s hair and makeup and doing little photo shoots.

So now having a youtube channel where I can share what I know or how I do things excited me. I don’t know where this might lead to, but something told me to do it. I know my videos might no be the best quality and have the greatest effects. But I am doing it with my heart and passion.

I’ll leave the link below if you want to check it out. Link and subscribe please ! And if you have a youtube channel comment your channel name so I can check it out too !

my channel name is: beautytimewithdenisse
first video: (get ready with me-winter edition)
second video: (what’s in my bag)


Instagram: beautytime101dc
Personal Insta: denizz_28

Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day!

P.S don’t forget to follow your dreams…




Job Interview | Outfit Ideas !




Hello, so here are some outfit ideas I found helpful on pinterest and tumblr. So I am currently looking for a job and besides that I’ve been wanting to dress up more and play with my outfits a bit more. So I thought of sharing and maybe it can help you guys out too.

Fitted formal pants, neutral colors, small and minimum jewelry, nice shoes.

All my pictures are from google, tumblr, and pinterest as always. Hope you enjoy and had an idea if you too are struggling with outfits for interviews.

Have a great day !



Life Update | Quick & Random Post !


Can I start this by saying that I forgot how much I missed blogging ! And that I know the holidays are over but I never got the chance to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEARS. I hope that you all had a wonderful time with your families and just enjoyed it all.

So I didn’t keep up with the daily posts, I had finals, Christmas shopping, errands, spending time with my boyfriend(before he leaves), and obsessing over Christmas.

I did finally graduated college (around of applause) and December is a special month since it was my birthday month and I am currently 22 ! 😮 I also got to spend the holidays with my boyfriend which was awesome. And we also celebrated our first anniversary together. So December and January brought joy to my heart.

New year, new adventures, new things coming to my life and I hope I can share all that and keep bring new, different, and fun to this blog.

Hope you all have a wonderful day !



Winter Outfits Ideas from Pinterest | Day6

Hello ! Happy Sunday 🙂

Okaaaay so you might have noticed that I spend too much time on Pinterest ? Well yes, but it’s so addictive! I love going on Pinterest and getting inspiration or ideas.

I was looking around for outfit ideas since it’s getting a bit colder in Arizona (finally, yeeeees!) Hope you enjoy ❤


  • Scarfs
  • Riding boots
  • Hats
  • Vests
  • Over layering clothes
  • Fur
  • Dark Colors
  • Beanies
  • Over size






Making New Traditions | Day 5

Hi !

I was in Pinterest and found this interest pin that said 30+Memorable Family Christmas Traditions. I clicked on it and it gives lots of ideas to do while we’re in the holidays. I copied a few for you to see, added some of my own, but check out that blog to get more ideas !


  1. Putting the tree together
  2. Making Santa letters
  3. Ornaments with names or years
  4. Having a baking day
  5. Make a Holiday Calender
  6. Have a stocking for each family member
  7. Pjs from Elves
  8. Donate toys, cloths, food
  9. Having a movie night on Christmas Eve
  10. Cookies for Santa
  11. Visit Santa
  12. Christmas/Winter wishlist
  13. Wear ugly sweater on Christmas Eve


There are many many things to do for the holidays. It’s fun to do something different each year and remembering what you did a certain year. I think it’s a great idea to get with the family especially memorable moments for the little ones!