St. Patricks Decor | Home Decor

Hi guys I know I have been lacking on my posts and I do apolizge. When I’m not posting here I do post on my Instagram( beautytime101dc). I am behind on things I wanted to post, but I am probably going to do 2 posts today and one in my spanish blog which is diariodededi.wordpress.com.

So as I promised here’s my St. Patrick’s  home decor, I didn’t put up much since it was the first time we decorate for St. Patty’s day and I didn’t find as much things as I wanted.

So I hope you enjoy and get ideas. I actually did put up some Spring/Easter  things in my home but I still want to get a few things and I’ll share which you guys πŸ™‚

❀ didi


Valentines Day| Home Decor

I know I know, I’m like a day late but I still wanted to share with you my ideas and how I decorated this year for Valentines and give you my tips and tricks on ow to decorate for the holidays.

I usually decorate the entrance table and the dinning/kitchen since we still don’t have anything in the living room.



Everything is very affordable, I don’t tend to spend a lot of money on decor only if I see something really cute and know I can’t get it cheaper or if I can’t DIY it. For every season/holiday I change it up, I actually showed you guys my Christmas decor, and you can check it out here if you haven’t.

For the sides of the table I added a pink vase (Target) with white flowers I didn’t want to add more pink or red so white was the best option. And the other side I got this xoxo sign (Walmart) because I wanted to add something red. The Be mine plate(target) added more to it, I didn’t know what more to add but I thought it looked cute.


For more cuteness I added this cute little bear(Family Dollar), I love candles so I bought this one(Family Dollar) which goes with the theme so well. And my mom bought this heart rock(Dollar tree) which added a little more to the table.


The last thing from the entrance table, I actually made my self and feel really proud. I had already all the materials at home. This is Styrofoam and I just added paint got and idea on the font on Pinterest and just drew it and added some wire to hang it up and ta-da!



My favorite part was the dinning table, it looked so pretty. Table mates (Dollar tree) which were heart shaped made it look so festive. We already had the clothed napkins(Big Lots) which we used for Christmas deco but it went good with the combination. The glasses(Dollar tree) we also got from the Christmas decoration.


The flowers are part of my birthday gift but it went so good with the table decoration so I left it was a center piece. And always I have a candle and I believe it was from bath and body works.


And the banner you see on the background(Target) I loved and thinking about putting it in my room now because I love pink if you haven’t noticed. I usually always have a banner as well as I change the decoration. Just adds something else to it.



The last few things are in the kitchen, I wanted to add a little more and I added this love sign (target) which I really liked and a little puppy (dollar tree), I already had the glass heart shaped(walmart) which was from my quinceanera…s I added some candy and the pink one(dollar tree)I also had and I added some little things that smell good(sorry don’t know the name). All of this is in a corner of the kitchen facing the dining table.

I also like adding the kitchen towels as deco, and the first one is from dollar tree, and the other two from target.


  1. Check out stores like Dollar tree, and family dollar they have inexpensive decorations.
  2. You can also make some decorations and it can be cheaper.
  3. you don’t have to put a lot of things just things here and there.
  4. Be creative, check out pinterest for ideas.
  5. I like to get the table mates from dollar tree and some of the decoration.
  6. Check out Big Lots too!
  7. ALWAYS check out the dollar spot at target!



Hope you enjoyed ❀ Didi