Megan(ciaoobelllaxo) | Beauty Guru

Hi guys, it’s been a while since the last post. I guess I haven’t been feeling it my inspiration has left a bit and I don’t want to make posts like that. When I post something I want to give the best I possibly can.
Work is kinda crazy right now and a few other things going on in my life. But I wanted to post about some one who inspires me and I have already posted about some beauty gurus from youtube and today I bring you another one.


She has been doing youtube videos for years now, and I really can’t remember which video was the first one I watched from her. But I do remember watching her and stopped for some reason then found her channel and haven’t stopped since then.

I love her beauty videos, and specially her vlogs. She has a adorable dog ‘greyson’ and she is so pretty and unique in her channel. I feel like I have ton of youtubers that inspire me but are all differnet.

Like any other youtuber Megan has gone through some hate but what I love about her is that she continues to do what she loves and keeps on trying to become better than she already is. I love when I see a notification and it says its a video from ciaoobelllaxo.

Seriously check out her vlogs my favorite I feel that’s more her and I don’t know I feel like I am friends with her after so many years of watching her videos.

Megan’s channel: ciaoobelllaxo

vlog channel: lavitadimeg

instagram: ciaoobelllaxo

<2 didi


Belinda Selene | Beauty Guru

Hi and happy Sunday!
Hope all you guys are having a wonderful end of your weekend. I am getting ready for a movie night with my sisters. We got a bunch of junk food and we’re planning on watching Netflix.
For today I have a beauty guru that inspires me, which is great to post today because we all need sometimes a little motivation. For me Belinda Selene is one of my creativity and beauty inspiration.



She started making youtube videos back in October 2011. I remember going on youtube and searching something with room decor. And I came across Belinda Selene Home Decor DIY video about four-three years ago. To be honest I stopped watching her and later came across maybe two years ago again and I fell in love with her and I haven’t stopped watching since.


I love how creative she is, when you watch a video from her you can see the effort she puts when filming. I love her DIYS, hacks, and home decor. She also makes beauty videos like makeup and ootd’s (Outfit of the day).

Belinda also has a vlog channel where she takes her camera and shows around what she does or for a vacation and concerts. She is a Disney fan as me so that is a plus. πŸ™‚


Belinda also loves to stay organized and has videos on how to decorate planners. She is also a beauty ambassador of Wet n Wild and right now for Revlon. This girl can do everything ! I feel she is a true inspiration for every girl to show that hard work can pay off sooner or later.

She also shared ideas for wedding when she was planning for hers which are great ideas that I’m sure going to use!


Of course I recommend her! If you want to see someone new on youtube and you haven’t seen Belinda go over youtube right now and search for Belinda Selene!

Youtube channel: Belinda Selene

Vlog Channel: BelindasLife

Instagram: Belinda Selene

Instagram (planner): planwithbelinda

Blog: http://www.belindaselene.com

Snap Chat: belindaselene

❀ Didi



Nicole Guerriero| beauty guru

Hello, hope you guys had a wonderful weekend.
My mini vacation is almost coming to an end, I go back to work on Wednesday. I had a really great week even though I didn’t do much except for sleeping in and staying up late which is fine with me since I am not a morning person.

If you saw one of last weeks post which was of a beauty guru (Charismastar) I let you knows know it would be something new in my blog which I actually did in the past when I first started this blog.


The beautiful Nicole is next one the list. She is a youtuber for a couple of years already, I remember going to one of her videos because she did a video on how to put hair extensions and I was barely starting on that and I fell in love with her.



She is creative, energetic, always smiling and laughing. I love seeing her vlogs (car rides) and Halloween tutorials are the BOMB. She just know how to work it, she is perfect I feel in my eyes.


Its so much fun watching her and I get sooooo happy when I get notified when she uploads a new video. Like Charis she inspires and motivates me.
She is also really good friends with Carly Bybel (youtuber).



youtube: nicole guerriero

instagram: nicoleguerriero

snapchat: hinic

Thanks ❀ Didi


December ! Day 1


Hello hope you are having a great morning, afternoon, or night which ever it might be where you are.


I just can’t hold the excitement that DECEMBER IS HERE! Since December is so special for since it’s a month of holidays, plus my birthday month I decided to post something everyday for you guys. Hopefully I get super creative and bring you something different and fun everyday.

So for Day 1 of my December posts I decided to just bring you inspiration, enjoy ❀


Can you feeeeeeel it now ? The Christmas, most wonderful time of year spirit?



Beauty Guru of the Month β€

As you may have read on my Top 10 Favorite Beauty Gurus I said that I’ll make like a series talking about one guru at a time. I decided to chose one for each month…so I don’t bore you with the same posts.

The first Beauty Guru, is my number one favorite of all time. Charis Lincoln ! ❀


Who is Charis ?
Charis is a 28 year old, married to the love of her life, talented, Disney lover, she’s really into religion. She also won NXY Face Award in 2012.



The first video I ever saw from her was the ‘Our Love Story’,and it was all because Talia Castellano in on of her blog video I believe her and her sister was talking about Charis video. They were in tears and said it was a lovely story, so I watched it.


It was a beautiful story, one of my favorite video from her! It had me in tears, I could relate to things, it made me reflect, and just feel in love with the couple.


I feel in love with Charis personality, how down to Earth she was, also that she loves Disney as much as I do. She’s so creative with her videos…she’s seriously one of my inspiration.


Youtube channel: CharismastarTv
Blog Channel: CharismastarLifeTv
Instagram: Charismastar

If you want to know more about this beautiful lady check out her videos, but I warn you…you can get addicted.

Hope you liked this new part of my blog, do you find beauty guru’s inspiring ?

Ps. Tomorrow I have a special post❀
Xoxo, Didi


My Top 10 Fav Beauty Gurus on Youtube β€

Here’s my second post, and the last one for the day.
I love watching you tube videos, special beauty gurus. i learn so much from them, and they seriously inspire me. It was hard to narrow it down to 10 beauty gurus, but then I decided I should make like a series where I talk about different you tubers  and get the chance to talk about them and maybe you guys check them out πŸ™‚
So for this post I’ll just give you my Top 10 and put their youtube channel name so you can see some of their videos.

1. Charis Lincoln- ‘CharismastarTV’


2. Weylie Hoang- ‘ilikeweylie’


3. Nicole Guerriero- ‘nguerriero19’


4. Belinda Selene- ‘missbelindaxox’


5. Yuya-‘lady16makeup’


6. Promise Phan- ‘dope2111’


7. Dulce Candy- ‘dulcecandy87’


8. Bethany Mota- ‘macbarbie07’


9. Lynette CeneΓ©- ‘nailswithlynette’


10. Michelle Phan- ‘michellephan’


All these ladies are beautiful, inspiring, creative, and I love to watch their videos.  I recommend their videos if you haven’t seen them. If you want to see more on beauty gurus, comment or anything you might want to see next. You can also email me at beautytime101@hotmail.com
Hope you enjoyed, have a great day/night come back tomorrow !
Xoxo, Didi