Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | Review

Hi guys, so I currently thinking about new posts to write and just get back on track with my  blog since having a 11 hr shift is basically my life right now.

So I recently got two new palettes, one of them is an oldie but kind of recent. I believe it was out a couple of months back and everyone was talking about it.



Too Faced, Sweet Peach palette retails for $49 on the website and Sephora. It is pricey if you ask me but if your like me that its rare that you buy expensive make up or high end eye shadow palettes, then once in a while does not hurt.

There are 18 super pigmented shadows, which some are shimmer and matte. I love the idea of the packaging and the color scheme, Too Faced seriously rocked it! There are other products for this peach collection like lip glosses and blush palette, and I recently saw that they might come out with more peach products.

Another interesting thing is that it literally smells like peaches, so every time I do my makeup I stop for a second to smell the palette.

I really hope you enjoy, and bear with me I want to update this blog and make it better. So its going to go through some changes. But if you want more reviews like this please like.

❤ didi

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Be sweet as a peach with these fresh-picked shades infused with the juicy scent and antioxidant-rich essence of peach. Create endless looks with 18 shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and pops of purples that will have you looking summer-fresh year-round. Includes our signature Glamour Guide with three looks to get your started.

Prep eyelids with our Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer for a sweet-as-peach look that lasts 24+ hours


  • infused with the skin-loving essence of peach
  • Smells like peaches
  • Rich, pigmented shadows offer true color payoff
  • Complementary for all skin tones
  • Everything you need to create limitless, timeless and modern looks
  • 18 Eye Shadows 0.95g/0.03 Oz.
  • Total Net Weight 17.1g/0.54Oz.

Highlighter Reviews!

Hi guys, hope you are having a great day. It’s Thursday so almost the weekend is here.

So I wanted to review and share with you the 3 highlighters I have in my makeup collection, I usually use two more but it depends on the look or day since they are different.


There are two drugstore highlighters and one higher end. I use mostly the JCat and L’oreal one the most. I tend to use the Becca x Jacklyn Hill one less but I use it more for special occasions or combine it with the JCat one.



The first one I got was the L’oreal one which I got from my local Walmart about $12 it suppose to be a highlighter and blush.I was expecting more out of it to be honest, but I do really like it for a inner eye glow and also in the cupids bow. Not so much for the cheeks I find that in that area it does looks chalky which is not cute. And I tend using more the side colors more than the pink ones.

The packaging is kinda cute with the rose gold, and I like how it looks just wish the formula was better



The pricey one I bought was the Becca x Jacklyn Hill ‘Champagne Pop’ I saw reviews and a lot of rave so I had to try it out. This products retails for $39 and I got mine at Sephora. I really was debating if I should get it or not. I seriously walked around Sephora for about 30min. At the end I decided to take it with me. I like it, it has a really pretty shimmer to it and its not chalky it really a natural glow.

.I like the quality and package of this product I feel you are getting what you payed for.



The last product is the most recent highlighter I bought which was in December. It’s from JCat and I got mine a local clothing store where I live for only $6.99 and its my favorite one so far ! I love that its so pigmented and you can layer to mae it look more glow or go with something more settle. I totally recommend it.


All the shades I have are different so it works as well whenever I want to change it up. What is your favorite highlight or which one do you recommend me to use next?


❤ didi


ELF’s HD Powder | Item to Try

Hello fellow readers from WordPress.

So today is like my Sunday, but I got an extra day off which is great. Three days off instead of two !

But now as I am an “adult” I have adult things to do like errands and going to the doctor, which is what I did this morning. And I got there before 8am so I can be one of the first ones and the doctor got there almost 10am.

But anyways to the topic of today is a Item to try, I see that this is a popular topic in my blog. And I have a few from months ago if you guys want to check it out. (my recent ones: Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, Colourpop: Mr. G, Hard Candy’s correcting concealer, LA Girl Liquid Lipsticks)

I like using powder when setting my foundation, not only to make it last longer and have that matte feeling, but also because I have oily skin. And I like a good powder that I don’t need to retouch every hour or so.


I found the ELF HD Powder at my local Walmart for about $6, and what caught my attention was that it has been compared to the Makeup Forever HD setting powder. I usually like to try a certain product from the drug store, then make my way up to higher end.

I personally haven’t had the chance to try any Makeup Forever makeup yet, but the powder is on my list.

I like this powder for setting my under eyes, setting my foundation, and baking. Baking has becoming a trend and I like to bake especially in areas where I get more oily or places I highlight…and also if I have an event that I need more glam.


The powder comes in three different shades, pink, yellow, and sheer one. I have only used the sheer one but I would like the try out the rest.

I have bought this product twice already so I believe I can give you a better review.

I like the feeling of the powder on my face, it feels silky and soft. Good packing, great price for such a good product that I would re-purchase. I really don’t use the cushion that comes with it I usually use a flat top brush to set my makeup. The only thing I don’t like from this product is that I wish it had a bit more product. I usually run fast on it, maybe a month or month and a half depending on my makeup.

Rate: 10/10

I recommend it honestly, Elf has great products and really affordable. I have seen dupes from higher end products that Elf has. So next time your on the look for a new setting powder check this one out!

I’m on the search for a new powder my second Elf HD run out again, any suggestions?

Have a wonderful Monday ❤ Didi


E.L.F.: Ariel Collection

So I was on Instagram last night and saw someone post Ariel Lashes. Then I was scrolling down and I see that ELF came out with an Limited Edition Ariel Makeup Collection.

I got all excited since Ariel is my all time favorite princess. And wanted to go to the store at 11pm at night.

I believe only Walgreens stores has them only in stores or online. Which also has price range is $4.99-$9.99.

I go the Bronzed Beauty, Under the Sea Eyes, and the Beauty book.
The bronzer has a sun-kissed tone to it with some shimmer great for summer or going to the beach. It also comes with a mini Kabuki brush.
The under the sea eyes comes with two double shadows which looks beautiful. And a waterproof liner come along with the package.
The beauty book was my favorite. It comes with nine shadows, two bronzers, lip gloss, and two brushes for the bronzer and shadows.


It also comes with a step-by-step instructions with a picture to give an idea of two different makeup looks. And when you close it there’s a mirror.

First Impression: Loved the packaging, I fell in love with it…like love at first sight. I liked that the packages have brushes just in case you don’t own some. I haven’t tried the products out but if you want to see swatches or eye look idea, etc. Comment down below 🙂

Hope you enjoyed ! ❤ I’ll post more later on.
Xoxo, Didi