Megan(ciaoobelllaxo) | Beauty Guru

Hi guys, it’s been a while since the last post. I guess I haven’t been feeling it my inspiration has left a bit and I don’t want to make posts like that. When I post something I want to give the best I possibly can.
Work is kinda crazy right now and a few other things going on in my life. But I wanted to post about some one who inspires me and I have already posted about some beauty gurus from youtube and today I bring you another one.


She has been doing youtube videos for years now, and I really can’t remember which video was the first one I watched from her. But I do remember watching her and stopped for some reason then found her channel and haven’t stopped since then.

I love her beauty videos, and specially her vlogs. She has a adorable dog ‘greyson’ and she is so pretty and unique in her channel. I feel like I have ton of youtubers that inspire me but are all differnet.

Like any other youtuber Megan has gone through some hate but what I love about her is that she continues to do what she loves and keeps on trying to become better than she already is. I love when I see a notification and it says its a video from ciaoobelllaxo.

Seriously check out her vlogs my favorite I feel that’s more her and I don’t know I feel like I am friends with her after so many years of watching her videos.

Megan’s channel: ciaoobelllaxo

vlog channel: lavitadimeg

instagram: ciaoobelllaxo

<2 didi


Motivation !

So I don’t know about you guys but I always have a hard time starting a diet and working out. I love food, specially the ones that aren’t that healthy. But recently my Dr. told me for my health I should loose some weight not that I was super over weight but that I will feel better and its good for me.
So it’s been almost two months and I lost 10 lbs, I know it’s not that much but I’m getting closer to my goal :)It’s hard to start eating healthy but if you have in mind that’s for your own good its a bit easier. Know I got use to eating better, eating more fruits and veggies, also lots of water!
I got even more motivated to keep on having this life style of eating better and working out by looking at last years pictures or even some months ago…seriously I don’t want to go back to that. I feel more confident, and my cloths fit better. I use also get bored doing regular sit ups, push ups and  that was some of the reasons why I  always quited, but I saw Tiffany Routh workouts on youtube and loved it. It goes by fast, their fun, and totally recommend them.
I also looked up some celebrities who gained a few pounds and then lost some and look great.
Hope you get motivated, inspired if your going through the same thing.  Hope you enjoyed !
❤, Didi